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The Best Hunting Apps

The Best Hunting Apps

I realized after writing the best free huntings apps that there is more to discover on the Web. However, those apps will have fees. I wrapped up for you what I think the best hunting apps for you at the lowest cost as possible.

Based on the same criteria demonstrated in the best free hunting apps article, I selected the following applications accordingly. Hunting apps that follow you through all step of hunting are of course the applications you are looking for. As you pay for it, it better get you what you are really looking for.

Therefore, any hunting apps should ease your life to prepare your hunt and more importantly to help you during your hunt. Like I mentioned in my previous article, hunting apps help you to take the guess works out of the equation and increase your hunting experience.

Tip: Cell phone apps means battery depleting at a fast rate. We all know how long can be hunting so you might have to look into solar chargers.


The best hunting apps

Primos Wind

 The best hunting apps - Primos Hunting Wind

Apple: yes

Android: yes

Cost: $0.99

Get simply instant wind direction. Wild game animals have a keen sense of smell and they can quickly detect your presence if your position is downwind. No matter your camouflage, the wind will betray your position and this app helps you to counter strike this really important aspect of hunting. 

The application will then help you to find the best hunting position the day you are preparing your hunt. The configuration is simple and after setting your area of hunting, the app will give you clear graphics of the wind direction so you can localize the best position.

The app uses your device’s built-in compass to display wind direction. So before you download this app, make sure that your device has a compass tool. Primos Wind offers also accurate weather data from NOAA.

The fact that the application works with a functional network and this, only in the USA is a downside of the system.


OnX Hunt Maps

The best hunting apps - onX Hunt Maps

Apple: yes

Android: yes

Cost: $14.99 per month or $99.99 per year

With OnXmaps software, hunters can now have topo maps, public and private landowner names, property boundaries, roads, trails, and more right on their smartphone or Garmin GPS unit.

The main question is always if you loose cellular signal will you be able to see everything? The answer is yes. Simply cache the maps to your phone's memory while you’re on wifi and use field mode in the field.

Discover private land, BLM and public land that you didn't even know they existed. Moreover, the app contains information of private landowner so if a buck, for example, crosses his land, you can call the owner to ask the permission to take down your target. It is a great way to not approach private land illegally. This app also gives you possible access land of private land access to public hunting in your state.

OnXmaps gives satellite, topographic or a hybrid of both of them to increase your understanding of your hunting area. 

The application comes with a complete set of features that goes from forest trails, natural fires that happened to closest camping spots of your selecting hunting area. All in all, the OnX Hunt Maps is expensive but gives you a complete follow-up or your hunting data at the fingertips of your fingers.

There is a free version of OnX Hunt maps, however, many of the features that make this app worth of buying are available with the upgrade.


Big Game Logic

The best hunting apps - big game logic 

Apple: yes

Android: no

Cost: $2.99 per month or $26 per year (30 days for free in both situation)

Big Game Logic allows hunters to create a virtual replica of your deer hunting camps using high-resolution satellite imagery, track active and historical sitings, view deer herd activity via heat maps, and more. 

The app uses automated geolocation, weather, and moon phase data and allows hunters to: 

  • Create hunting camps detailing hunting areas. 
  • Designate locations for hunting stands and blinds, food plots, scouting cameras, and other deer sign, such as rubs and scrapes, water sources, and bedding areas.
  • Create photo albums of deer camera images, designated by the camera location. 
  • Track active and historical deer sightings, categorize sightings into phases of the rut, and attach weather and lunar tables.
  • Track trophies and, once harvested, illustrate the history of the hunt specific to that deer.
  • View deer activity heat mapping in hunting areas to better understand the movement of the herd or a specific deer.
  • Connect via social media with other hunters to share the hunt.

The app works jointly with their website to manage data in real-time. That aspect ties the weather, the moon phase and extracts the geolocation to the image on your screen.


Primos Hunting Calls: Speak the Language

 the best hunting apps - primos hunting calls

Apple: yes

Android: yes

Cost: $1.99

Speaking the language of your prey is clearly a great feature to increase your hunting success. Primos Hunting Calls recreates all sounds that small or big game do. The app reproduces the calls to bring males around your hunting area.

It works offline and recreates all the main calls. People are mixed about the app, most of them liked the results but some of them mentioned that the sound isn't clear enough and not realistic enough for them.

It does give you an excellent idea of what calls you should use while hunting. I personally recommend keeping the free iHunt Hunting Calls for calling different games.

An alternative to this app is the Predator Hunting Calls which also gives the main types of game but a little more expensive at $2.99.


iHunt Journal

the best hunting apps - iHunt Journal

Apple: yes

Android: yes

Cost: $8.99

iHunt journal manages all your hunting memories but also all the data necessary to allow you find the best time to hunt in your selected hunting area. Summarily, iHunt journal gives you all the weather conditions of your area, the best time to shoot, sunrise, moon phase, solunar table and much more. 

The app also offers a complete journal about what you harvested with all the data to record for this big buck you got. You can also store all your observations from your hunting area like what type of game type you saw there or the gender and the amount saw.

To ease your hunting experience, you can record coordinates of key deer rubs and scrapes so you can plan ahead for your next hunt.

The price might be its major downside but in the same time, all in all, with all the features included in iHunt Journal, it worth to try. For advanced users, it supports add-on modules that can be purchased separately. I recommend trying the basic application without the add-on modules, It can become really pricey for no reason here. The basic iHunt journal at $8.99 will answer all your needs.


SAS Survival Guide 

the best hunting apps - sas survival guide

Apple: yes

Android: yes

Cost: $8.49 for iPhone and $7.49 for Android

The SAS Survival Guide is a great guideline about how to survive from any location than hunting tips. Hunting might bring a survival context to you because something went wrong. Knowing the basics of survival is clearly an upgrade to any hunters, however, this app is not for everyone. I would consider this app for more advanced users. 

Made by a British Special Forces veteran, SAS survival guide includes :

  • Full text of the bestselling book optimised for the iPhone (over 400 pages) 
  • 16 videos providing invaluable survival tips from Lofty himself 
  • Photo galleries of Animal Tracks, Knots, Edible, medicinal and poisonous plants, sea creatures and snakes 
  • Morse Code signaling device 
  • 100+ question quiz to test if you've got what it takes to survive 
  • Survival Checklist 
  • Sun Compass 
  • Search tool to scan entire book by subject 
  • Extreme Climate Survival: sections on surviving Polar, Desert, Tropical, and Sea 
  • Comprehensive First Aid section

The App also offers the SAS Survival Guide, written by legendary ex-SAS man John ‘Lofty’ Wiseman, the guide comes with useful tips for fending for yourself in every urban situation. That section includes:

  • The latest training on self-defense and the law 
  • Dealing with fire and hazardous chemicals 
  • Tackling snake bites and other animal dangers 
  • Handling DIY: power tools, welding, machinery and more 
  • Terrorism 
  • Health information 
  • Full search functionality 
  • Urban survival checklist

If survival skills are no interest to you, do not spend your money on this application. You will be disappointed, however, if you need to perfect your techniques or simply getting info about survival skills, this is for you.


Ballistic and Ballistic- Advanced Edition 

the best hunting apps - Ballistics

Apple: yes

Android: no

Cost: Starting at $14.99

Understand the ballistics of any projectile is the keystone of hunting success. Having a better understanding of the velocity and the momentum of a projectile will also bring you to another level of hunting. This accurate ballistic calculator offers an advanced edition featuring the calculation for atmospheric conditions, Coriolis effect, gyroscopic spin, and more.

The app also gives a vast library of hunting and military items like latest projectiles, rangefinder, etc...

The application features the Ballistic's world-renowned JBM ballistics engine that delivers the gold standard in calculations. The ballistic chart shows you a chart of the current projectile including drop, energy, and velocity. You can compare wind drift and compare until eight projectiles in the same chart.

Advanced Edition Features:

  • NEW: iPhone 6 internal barometer supported
  • NEW: Kestrel K5 LiNK / Drop integration (in-app purchase)
  • An advanced head-up display for mounted operation
  • Advanced wind kit configurable to enable you to create complex wind configurations for up to eight different wind sources.
  • Bryan Litz' custom G7 ballistic coefficients
  • 3D Trajectory imaging for visualizing bullet path
  • Mil-Dot ballistics head-up display
  • One-Touch Atmospheric Correction
  • Target Log: Keep a journal of all your hunts, shoots, adjustments, points of impact, and scores. 
  • Angular Acquisition: Aim the device at the target like a remote control, or mount on your weapon to receive real-time angular correction.
  • Adjustable Units: Elevation and windage output units in inches, centimeters, arcminutes, milliradians, and click values ranging from full click to 1/8 click (or custom click values).
  • Calculate your own ballistic coefficients based on two chronograph measurements or data from the back of an ammo box.

A complete application for serious hunters. Expensive at first but worth all your money if your goal is to increase your precision and your understanding to another level. 


Best Bow Hunting Apps


the best hunting apps - archerypal

Apple: yes

Android: yes

Cost: $6.99

Track your accuracy progress with the ArcheryPal application.  Track also your 3D shooting progress. The app offers you to select the specific target you are shooting at and the app will tell you how big the 10 ring is and the best distance for you to stand based on your practice accuracy.

ArcheryPal helps you graphically log your shooting sessions with easy touch placement of arrows on your target. Your accuracy % is automatically calculated and tracked over time for each distance.

As far as speed goes the app has a slight range of error to almost always be spot on +/- 1-2 Fps of what real chronograph reads. But don't frustrate yourself over these stats, the application is more about tracking your improvement toward your accuracy because the main key is always first and foremost making an accurate shot within yours and your bows comfort range.

The application also allows you to calculate your FOC% (front of center) which combined with the momentum is the most important elements for bowhunters to have successful hunting experiences.

The application also features a geolocalisation save waypoints to help you find your way back to your tree stand or your car after your hunt.



the best hunting apps - apptitune

Apple: yes

Android: yes

Cost: Starting at $14.99

Created to give you all information necessary in only one spot. But be aware that if you dig into the Internet, you might find all the information for free but you will have the hassle of finding it. If you feel lazier, the Apptitune is perfect for you but still a bit too much expensive for what you get. I would recommend to wait for deals and buy it for cheaper.

APPtitune gives you the knowledge you need to set up and tune your bow like the Pros do it!

APPtitune covers the tuning and setup of Recurve Bows, Compound Target Bows, and Compound Hunting Bows. The app encompasses all the tuning necessary to know to increase your precision and then your shooting experience.

Hunting App for Fun 

Deer Hunter 3D

 the best hunting apps - deer hunting 3d

iPhone: $3.99

Android: no

Spend your time waiting and practicing at what you are waiting for. Sounds off, of course, you can enjoy shooting virtually your next target and reduce the annoyances for waiting for the real thing. 



Many more applications are on the market but you should have what you are looking for with these listed above. As mentioned in the best free hunting apps, you should stay critic toward any apps that are suggested to you and identify clearly why you need one of them and this, expressly with buyable apps. 

Technology is growing fast and applications are also improving at the same rhythm. Stay tuned on the next generation of hunting apps. 

Thank you for reading us. Do not hesitate to leave any comments or any questions below about the best hunting apps. 

Have a nice Hunt!


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