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OMP Adventure 2.0 Review

OMP Adventure 2.0 Review : What are the Pros and Cons?

Are you starting to think about a new hobby!? Thinking about archery!? Shooting some arrows seems to be pretty fun, isn't it? Well it is and maybe you are already into it for sometimes now but still, to have the optimal experience, you got to use quality equipment that suits your needs.
As a starter, a bow alone is not enough, you got to think about getting some arrows along with it which is a more complex matter than it seems to be plus additional pieces of equipment should be considered to enjoy your shooting even more and be safe. This is why I thought about putting together this OMP Adventure 2.0 recurve bow review along with the different package options which, in my opinion, got all the info you need to have you started on the right foot.

So if you are buying your first bow, we got you covered on this topic at the bottom of this article. Check what this recurve bow has to offer...


  • Available in 4 different AMO Length (48", 54", 62" 68")
  • Option for Right or Left Handed
  • Draw Weight ranges from 10 to 38 pounds (depending on AMO Length)
  • Three-piece take-down (one riser, two limbs)
  • Sight, plunger and stabilizer bushings in place
  • Slim-grip design
  • Dacron bowstring


  • Cheap introduction to archery
  • Good entry-level recurve bow
  • You can change the limbs to increase draw weight
  • All the necessary items to start and improve your shooting
  • A wide selection of products to satisfy all taste
  • Durable entry-level recurve bow


  • No instructions (if you are a complete beginner this might matter)
  • Not to be used for hunting (poundage too low, see regulations in your area)\

Assembling the Recurve Bow

There are no instructions to assemble the bow. However, this can be achieved quite easily or you can have someone to do it for you.

4 Steps to string a bow along with a video.

1. You need to screw the limbs on the riser. The limbs should be placed in order to curve away from you.

2. You need to place the string on the bow. Slide the bigger loop down the top limb and place the smaller loop at the bottom limb tip, to the location meant for that purpose.

3. Place the top of bow stringer over the limb tip. The string sits under the bow stringer. Place the bottom of the bow stringer over the bottom tip.

4. Place the bow horizontally and step on the bow stringer with one or two feet, pull the bow in order for the limbs to bend over and slide the string up the top limb to hook it at the right position at the limb tip. Be sure that the string is well placed, centered along with both limbs. Then, release the bow stringer and remove it.

The Shooting...

The OMP Adventure 2.0 is a very good bow to start shooting. The grip of the bow is very comfortable to hold. The adventure 2.0 is well made as a whole and has a nice look with the wooden riser, you can expect high durability from this model.  The bow has a decent weight so you can hold it in position for an extended period of time without a problem. The accuracy of the bow is quite good and more than reasonably tight groupings can be achieved when shooting with this OMP. As stated above, this is not a hunting bow and if this is your aspiration, there are plenty of other bows made just for that purpose available. 

What about the Packages?

Beginner Adventure Package

OMP Adventure 2.0 Review

This package is a great starter for the new archer on a budget who wants to be able to start shooting with the minimal equipment needed to blast the first arrow.

Included in this package is obviously the OMP Adventure 2.0 along with an OMP bow stringer to safely and precisely assemble the bow plus 6 Gold Tip Traditional arrows with 4" feathers and Saunders Combo points (pack of 12) to screw in the extremity (insert) of the arrows. 

Arrows come in full length so you either need to cut it yourself (an arrow saw is recommended to achieve that manipulation) or you have it cut to measure for an extra and you can also have the inserts installed for an extra as well, otherwise, you need to glue them in place yourself. Glue must be purchased separately, any strong glue will do but you can use archery glue like the Goat Tuff.

Beginner Adventure Package Deluxe

OMP Adventure 2.0 Review

The ultimate package! If you are serious about archery, that you want to get the optimal experience and get the most out of your new bow, then you must consider this package. You will be able to practice repeated shootings without hurting yourself by wearing the necessary protections and more.

Aside from the bow, the arrows, the points, and the stringer mentioned in the Adventure Pkg above, the Deluxe package also includes an October Mountain Guardian Arm Guard (choices of black, red, blue, pink), an October Mountain Hip Quiver RH/LH, an October Mountain Quiver Belt Universal, a Kantpinch KP300 Tab (choice of small, medium, large, x-large), an October Mountain Arrow Rest and Carbon Express Nock Points (pack of 5).

So for the price, you really got something great with this complete package and you won't need anything else to get you going for a long time ahead.

Buying Your First Bow

Buying a bow is easy but buying a good one that suits you well requires some prior knowledge on the subject which will greatly affect how you will perceive archery as your new hobby.

First, if you are totally new to archery, that you don't know much and that you are lost when reading terms like a one-piece, two-piece, and three-piece recurve bows, go ahead and read our post about What is Best Recurve bow for beginners first and come back hereafter. Otherwise, continue your reading.

Knowing if you are right or left-handed is a primary concern and there is more to it than which of your hand you normally use, there is also your eye dominance that has an impact on which side to choose from.

Another important matter is knowing your draw length in order to choose the right bow for you but mostly choose the right arrows.

You may also have great ambitions and even already be thinking about going for a hunt which may have you thought about getting the highest draw weight possible. This would be a great mistake.

The AMO Length or bow length, you have seen this measurement but don't know exactly what it is and how you should know which one to choose from. You may have come across some charts with bow length required regarding certain draw lengths. Those may have you confused and you may not have been able to find the bow length that you were looking for.

The reason is that they are mostly suggestions for full-size target bows (Olympic competition-style bows). All other bows, either you are looking at a recreational beginner bow or a hunting bow, generally come in a much shorter length than those suggested within those charts. Basically, with an average draw length (plus or minus 28") you will be totally fine with a 62" bow which is the most popular size for most recurve bows by the way.

Shorter bows, like 48" or 54", would essentially be good for youth. 68" could suit people with a draw length much above average. You will hardly find shorter or longer lengths for hunting bows at all, 62" is a pretty standard size.

Once you have figured out if you are right or left-handed, know your draw length, approximately what draw weight you want to start with and what AMO length would be best, you may be interested to read a post that explains all that you need to start archery.

If you are at perfecting your shooting, you can head to our blog section dedicated to archery lessons.


To conclude, you are pretty much covered with the basics you need to know to get you started plus you probably can tell that the OMP Adventure 2.0 is a pretty good yet very affordable recurve bow to initiate your journey into the archery world. With the packages described above, you got great options to go with according to your needs and budget. No matter what you opt for you will surely be satisfied with your new pieces of equipment knowing everything you had to know prior to purchasing anything.

Thank you for reading and hope this article was helpful to you! Do not hesitate to leave a comment below.

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