The Best Bowfishing Bows - Part 2

First thing first, if you missed the first part on about how to determine the best bowfishing bows, it could be a nice thing to do to take a few minutes to read about it. 

In this second article, as you are going down the list, you will have a better understanding of what is on the market nowadays. More compound and more takedown recurve bows have been reviewed to simplify your selection.

Let see those that worth to have a look at them. 


Browning Barracuda Bowfishing Bow

 the best bowfishing bows-browning barracuda bowfishing bow

You want something that is short, has the power of a compound and the quickness of a recurve and could take the abuse of an all-night bowfishing trip. The Browning Barracuda seemed to fit the criteria.

The barracuda offers similar dimensions as many popular hunting bows. With an ATA of 32 inches and a brace height of 6.5 inches, the bow shows great maneuverability to angle for any type of fishes. The bow remarkably weights 2.6 pounds, which is under the average in the industry.

The bow offers an adjustable draw weight from 30 to 40 pounds without let off. The draw cycle is so smooth that let off is not necessary. This feature is made for snap shooting since it allows to release anytime the string no matter where you pull the string between 0 to 30 inches. 

The universal-fit grip on the aluminum riser is built up with a felt-covered foam pad on each side but has a slim design.

The Barracuda will perform well and shot accurately when you control the release. The finger rollers are finger-saving and provide a comfortable, consistent location for your three shooting fingers to connect with the string. 

Tip: You can shorten the length of your arrows by a few inches closer to your draw length to increase your precision.

This short axle-to-axle length allows quick maneuverability in the confined space of the boat and the cam provided enough power to penetrate the water to deep fish and even more hardened scales fishes. If you find yourself a deal with this bow even in 2017, do not hesitate.

The Browning Barracuda Bowfishing package includes:

  • Includes AMS Reel with a line,
  • 2 bowfishing arrows with points and built-in safety slide kit,
  • AMS Wave Roller rest


  • Awesome Coating
  • Compact design for maximum maneuverability
  • Hard hitting bowfishing bow
  • Excellent for snap shooting


  • Short brace height
  • Unfortunately discontinued


Cajun Fish Stick

the best bowfishing bows-cajun fish stick

From Carp to gator gar the Cajun fish stick packs enough energy to make the job done efficiently. A ready-to-fish package meant for more traditional archery fans.

The fish stick combines a solid, high-grade aluminum riser with tough take-down composite limbs to deliver the power you want to stick a big fish. It comes for sure with all the essentials to get started. The interesting part of the Cajun fish stick it is tweakable easily to get even more user-friendly. This bulletproof rock solid design comes in 45 pounds of draw weight so you can hunt deer with it. A fair price to get a bowfishing bow and a hunting bow for that low price.

The versatility of the fish stick makes it really interesting and easy to tweak to whatever setup you prefer. Many other accessories can be add on this bow and this is a great advantage compared to its competition.

The Cajun Fish Stick package includes :

  • Drum reel with 50' of 80 lb. line
  • Roller arrow rest
  • Bowfishing arrow with Piranha Point
  • Blister Buster finger savers


  • Great snap shooting bow
  • Can be used as a deer hunting bow
  • Great versatility


  • No bow stringer in the package

Unfortunately, the package doesn't include a bow stringer so be aware when you decide to purchase one of them.

The riser may have some paint in the bolt holes. Just use the included bolts and screw them into the aluminum riser before trying to attach the limbs. The bow gives a great feeling when you snap shoot or go instinctively.

All in all, the fish stick is clearly more than what you just bought, the potential of this bow is only limited by the accessories you will add to it.


    Barnett Vortex H20 Bowfishing Kit

    Barnett Vortex h20 bowfishing kit

    The Barnett Vortex H20 is a nice bow designed to fit and grow with the archer. It has an adjustable draw weight of 31 to 45 lbs and offers an adjustable draw length from 26-5/8” to 28”. The Vortex H20 offers 60 to 70% let-off.

    The H2O draw weight is not supposed to be adjustable, but it is because the limb bolts into the riser are exactly the same as the Barnett Vortex. The bow comes pre-set at 45 pounds.

    The cam grooves in the H2O are significantly deeper than the Vortex. The string should not jump off cam with this bow. 

    It comes standard with ATA/AMO specs, and ships with the sight and rest. The aluminum riser comes with the high-definition Reaper H2O finish but also has more options

    The Barnett Vortex H20 package includes:

    • A sight
    • An arrow rest


    • Great adjustments and smooth as silk
    • Advanced design for exceptional performance
    • Engineered to deliver unparalleled quality
    • Made from high-grade materials for long-lasting durability


    • Only right-handed
    • Arrows and reels sold separately


    AMS Water Moc Bow Kit

    AMS Water Moc bow kit

    Change up your game with the AMS water moc bow kit. Any avid bowfisher that wants to go back to a more traditional way of shooting should have a look into the Water Moc. This bow will make all skeptical about takedown recurve bows a little less skeptical about how recurve bows can take the abuse of the sport. This bow will hit hard and will be deadly to any targets in front of you.

    Another great feature about takedowns is that you can fit them behind the seat of your truck in a suitcase and it takes almost no room. This means it's easy to assemble and use. On the top of that, the water moc weighs only 2.5 pounds so that even when fully set up at 58 inches long unstring, the bow is perfectly maneuverable. 

    The machined magnesium riser combined with the black wood laminated limbs with water resistant seal are really good looking and offer a unique design expressly for bowfishing. The structure of the bow helps you to find the sweet spot for accuracy more easily and is made for snap shooting and more instinctive shooting. Its brace height is really forgiving at 7.75 inches and has a 45 pounds draw weight at 28 inches to hit hard any targets. 

    Each kit comes with 105 feet of high-grade 350# braided Spectra fishing line, more than double of what other brands may offer.

    The AMS Water Moc bow kit includes:

    • Water Moc Bow 
    •  AMS Retriever TNT with Green Accents and 35 Yards of 350 Pound Spectra Line 
    • Green Infused Fiberglass Arrow with Chaos Point
    • AMS Tidal Wave Arrow Rest
    • Green String Things


    • Limbs are laminated wood and made water resistant, promising a long life even after long exposures to moist environments
    • A sleek and stylish riser is made of lightweight magnesium
    • Easy to set up and disassemble
    • Lightweight bow at only 2.5 pounds
    • Smooth as silk
    • Engineered to deliver unparalleled quality


    • Only right-handed
    • More expensive than other recurve bows
    • No bow stringer included 


    Diamond Edge Sonar Bowfishing Bow

     Diamond Edge Sonar bowfishing bow

    Based on the popular Diamond Infinite Edge platform, the Sonar is then the extension of the same quality, highly adjustable and high-performance bow. The Diamond Edge Sonar features almost the same specs and loaded with the top accessories on the market. 

    This compound bow offers an outstanding versatility making it ideal for beginners (youth) but also for more experienced shooters. You get to set it according to your own needs within a wide range of draw lengths (18 to 30 inches) and draw weights (5 to 55 pounds) so the bow will grow with you as you gain experience and strength. 

    To make sure that the Sonar stand up to demanding of bowfishing action, they designed heavy-duty cams with deeper grooves. Combined with a low 3.2 pounds of mass weight and a 6.5" of brace height, the sonar is really forgiving for your lack of strength or technique.

    The Edge Sonar Compound Bow Bowfishing Package from Diamond offers the performance you want when things get serious on the water. Ideal for snap shooting, the Sonar clearly answer bowfirshermen needs.

    The Diamond Edge Sonar bowfishing bow package includes: 

    • AMS Wave Rest,
    • AMS Retriever Pro Reel,
    • AMS White Chaos Arrow,
    • Orange Finger Savers.


    • Great adjustments for draw weight and length
    • The draw cycle is smooth as silk 
    • Advanced design for exceptional performance for beginners or experimented bowfishermen
    • Engineered to deliver unparalleled quality
    • Loaded with the best accessories on the market
    • Made from high-grade materials for long-lasting durability


    • Pricey


    GEN-X CUDA Bowfishing Kit

     Gen-x cuda bowfishing kit

    An all-inclusive kit featuring Gen-X Progressive Let-Off Technology, the Gen-X Cuda bowfishing kit gives archery anglers everything they need for a long day or night of pulling in big fishes.

    The bow offers a wide draw weight range of 25-40 pounds with a generous 7-5/8" of brace height for more forgiveness. The bow shows great adjustability with a wide selection of draw length from 21 to 30 inches. The let-off increases with longer draw lengths. These stats are perfect for snap shooting fish with ease even if you lack strength or technique. With an effortless draw-cycle, you can easily hold the Cuda at full draw.

    The Genesis Gen-X Cuda Bowfishing Bow Package comes fully equipped with everything you need to start hunting fish. It includes:

    • Zebco 808® Bowfisher reel pre-spooled with 200-lb. line, 
    • A fiberglass arrow with safety slide, 
    • An arrow rest
    • A finger savers

    Do not forget to put on Green the reel if you want to have a good shot and it is recommended to set it up before aiming because you might not have time to do it in action.


    • Easy to assemble
    • Designed for a smooth draw cycle
    • It is also available with additional components
    • Ideal for any level shooters
    • Made for snap shooting


    • Bow stringer sold separately


    Muzzy Addict Bowfishing Kit 

    Muzzy addict bowfishing kit

    Develop a real addiction with the Muzzy addict bowfishing kit. This bow features a new 58" long tip to tip bow with a 40 pounds draw weight at 28 inches. This three piece takedown is drilled and tapped for normal accessories. Swapping accessories means that you can use this bow for other purposes than bowfishing, a great aspect for a bow under $250. Disassembled, the Addict get in any compartments making storage quick and easy.

    The riser is made of magnesium for strength and vibration reduction combined with laminated maple and fiberglass limbs for great performance. The structure is light, the bow itself weighs only 2.25 pounds. You won't get fatigued from holding the bow but probably from the numerous hours you will spend on the water.

    The Muzzy reel comes with a strong and durable 150 pounds Spectra line with a unique finger-activated lever switch that clearly indicates an open bail or locked bail. Simply flip the switch to the open position to shoot, and flip it back after the shot to retrieve the line. 

    The arrow is made of custom-infused coated fiberglass with wear-resistant graphics.

    The Muzzy Addict bowfishing kit includes:  

    • Pro Reel pre-spooled with 150 lb. line,
    • Classic 32" Fishbone arrow with Muzzy carp point,
    • Fish Hook Arrow rest
    • Finger savers


    • Incredibly nimble and great for snap shooting
    • very light for long days or nights of shooting
    • Excellent for beginners or a great backup bow for the more experienced shooter
    • Made from high-grade materials for long-lasting durability


    • Could use more power for more experienced shooters
    • Right hand only


    Parker Stingray Bowfishing Crossbow

    Parker Stingray Bowfishing Crossbow

    A real pack a punch machine, the Parker Stingray bowfishing crossbow stands out not only because it's a bowfishing crossbow but also because it delivers much more energy than other bows.

    The first thing to know about this crossbow, even is bowfishing setups are complex to assemble, the stingray package is pretty simple to assemble. After putting your bow together, you should set the draw weight to whatever you want it to be, between 100# and 125#. The advantage of this crossbow is that no bow press is needed to adjust the draw weight. You can also use the Stingray for target shooting and also to practice before hitting the lake or the river.

    The Stingray is estimated to deliver between 135 fps and 150 fps, depending on the draw weight you have set. The Stingray is compatible with a scope and once it is sighted-in, it is possible to maintain half inch groupings at 25 yards. This means an increased accuracy when you hit the water.

    This crossbow is perfect for gator hunting, the Muzzy Gator Getter point installed on the arrow is expressly made for that type of target but works flawlessly with all kind of fishes.

    The Parker Stingray bowfishing crossbow package includes:

    • The Parker Stingray crossbow,
    • Open sight,
    • Assembly hardware and tools,
    • 2 AMS Safety Slide Kits,
    • AMS Retriever Pro bow fishing reel (right side crank only) with 25 yards of 200-pound test of Hi-Vis Braided Dacron Line,
    • Includes an integrated arrow quiver,
    • Comes with a bow fishing arrow with Muzzy Gator Getter point 1600-gr broadhead,


    • Accurate and powerful bowfishing crossbow
    • Lightweight and compact
    • Includes excellent Muzzy Gator Getter point for gator hunting
    • Great adjustability and smooth as silk
    • Lifetime warranty
    • Advanced design for exceptional performance
    • Engineered to deliver unparalleled quality
    • Made from high-grade materials for long-lasting durability


    • Cocking device not included
    • Only Righ hand reel included in the package (Left reels sold separately)
    • Cocking it make it slow to use


      PSE Discovery Bowfishing Package

      Pse discovery bowfishing package

      The PSE Discovery bowfishing package is recognized for receiving one of the highest consumer ratings for its performance.  The bow features a light and a compact design structure to allow any shooters to handle easily this bow. With a constant draw weight of 40 pounds, the PSE Discovery enhances snap shooting. This bow was made for bow anglers. 

      The bow weighs 2.7 pounds with an axle-to-axle of 31-1/2" with dual cams for a smooth draw cycle. Combined with an adjustable draw length, the Discovery is quite easy to handle in any situations.

      Although higher in the spectrum of cost, the PSE Discovery package provides the additional equipment necessary for beginner bowhunters to begin having a great time in the sport. You might have two options for the package. A version is offered with the Muzzy kit and the other with the ASM kit.

      The PSE Discovery bowfishing package includes:

      Muzzy Kit Includes:
      • One Muzzy 1067XD Spin Reel & Seat
      • One Snap Shot Rest
      • One Fish Stick Arrow with
      AMS Safety Stop & Safety Slide

      AMS Kit Includes:
      • One AMS Retriever Reel With Line
      • One Snap Shot Rest
      • One Fish Stick Arrow with
      AMS Safety Stop & Safety Slide


      • Great adjustability and smooth draw cycle
      • Advanced design enhancing snap shooting
      • Easy to maneuver
      • Made especially for bow anglers


      • Pricey
      • The special camo pain pattern might scraps off easily



      I could continue my list with the PSE Kingfisher bow which would be one of the best economical ways to start bow fishing. However, I would recommend you to have shot other bows before. The draw weight is high and the bow is long so maneuvering it can be hard if you are a complete noob at bowfishing. That said, for a more experienced shooter, this bow is a serious contender.

      The best Bowfishing bows of 2017 are evolving because manufacturer takes into considerations customer demands. This list is, of course, an overview of the bows that stood out among the bowfishing bows. Take time to analyze each of them more deeply to select the one that fit your style. Many bow packages are available but not all of them are for you. Don't necessarily buy cheap bows to save on quality, the sport itself is hard on bows.

      Thank you for reading us and do not hesitate to leave any comments below or questions about this best bowfishing bows review.

      Have a nice hunt!

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