Block Targets

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To avoid overwhelming you with details that can be too technical for what you need them for, we may limit our assessment of features to the following factors: availability, price point, durability, dimensions, fade resistance, quality of material, compatibility with broadheads, and other add-on meant to improve your arrow tips. also goes out of its way to verify the claims made by the brands featured in this category, including the brand's official tech specs and rated FPS score.


Block may not be today's biggest brand of archery equipment, but its passion to deliver quality open-layered archery accessories is rather quite unmatched. We especially recommend their Block Classic Target 22 to advanced archers looking for some open-layered type of block targets that can stop arrows with the help of specialized friction tech instead of a rough and coarse force.

If you're looking for a two-sided shooting experience in your hunts that can boost your field points and broadheads, you'd have no reason not to get this one.


Over the time that BIGShot is in business, it's already made a commitment to be the brand that brings heavy-duty, military fiber quality material in its products. This innovation is made manifest in the Big Shot Iron Man 24 Speed Bow Target, which we recommend to intermediate archers and experts who want nothing but military grade in their archery gear.

Field point targets from BIGShot are generally made with triple compressed military fiber with an ever-last nylon target face. An added bonus is that they're 100% rated for bows and crossbows up to 450 FPS, with as many as 5 aiming dots on the front and deer vitals on their back.

American Whitetail

From the get go, American Whitetail competes against the market by offering targets that have the easiest, fastest arrow removal mechanism. This will be the reason that archers of both advanced and beginner skill-set will rely on them and not on other brands.

We especially recommend the American Whitetail Black Hornet Aggressor Broadhead Target for bow hunters that want all the easy arrow removal features American Whitetail is known for, but also want their targets to come in a jacketed foam and alternating layers that give compound bows and crossbows a 400 FPS rating.