Bow Tip Protectors

We here at want to empower archers in this category by giving out the most relevant information about bow tip protectors that are sold by leading brands, which include: Kwikee Kwiver, 3 Rivers, and Saunders.

Our criteria in selecting which brands should get priority in the feature include: brand reputation, lower limb protection, bow string loop type, durability, brittle-protection and crack-proofing.

Kwikee Kwiver

Kwikee Kwiver retains its good reputation by creating bow tip protectors that can shield the lower limb tip from being damaged by extreme weather conditions, like skidmarks from the ground or rocks. We suggest you get the 2 pk. Kwikee Kwiver if you're a beginner who wants more value for your money since you get a back-up with this one.

Other compelling features and benefits to enjoy from Kwikee Kwiver include: brand reputation of about a million products sold; time-tested brand since 1957; lightweight innovation makes gear 70% lighter than competition; guaranteed polymer stem material; quick detach system that Kwikee is famous for; high-density shock reducing stealth feature; patented StarTite design; and 100% Made in the USA guarantee.

3 Rivers

3 Rivers is defined today by its ability to create bow tip protectors that are specially customized for longbows to accommodate limb tips of about ¾” wide. These protectors are also made sure they can easily be installed by simply slipping them on over the tip of the bow limb.

Other product features from 3 Rivers you can enjoy include: stylish body construction made of brown leather; a wide catalog of broadheads, longbows and arrows to pair with the protectors; a signature Spine Calculator innovation; Archer's Den blog innovation; ability to chat with experts regarding concerns; and a database of resources and tips to elevate the hunting experience.

We suggest you get the 3 Rivers Leather Tip Protector Longbow if you're an intermediate archer looking for a stylish brown-leather design tip protector with the easiest installation mechanics.


Saunders is an impressive brand because of its innovation in creating bow tip protectors with soft rubber tips that are ideal in recurve bows. These protectors are marked by their ability to prevent bottom limp tip from being damaged but can also keep strings in place. We suggest you get the 1 pk., black Saunders Bow Tip Protector if you're an expert archer looking for bold stylish ways that your recurve bows can keep strings secure and steady.