Broadhead Accessories gives you the best value for your money by presenting in this category the top-notch brands of broadhead accessories you can choose from, which include: Afflictor, Crimson Talon, Easton, Excalibur and Flying Arrow.

To give you the best, we analyzed the products using price, durability, customer reviews, brand reputation and credibility as our criteria.


Based in Texas, Afflictor has made a name for its patented features in its fixed, hybrid and mechanical broadheads that are rigorously tested not in a lab, but in actual hunting fields. If you're planning to hunt small game, bear, deer, elk or even moose as a beginner archer, we suggest you get Afflictor's Hybrid EXT as your main gear, whose replacement blade kits you can purchase in this category.

Crimson Talon

The reputation of Crimson Talon today mainly springs from its broadheads that are hailed to be the world's most accurate and lethal broadheads because of their signature spintite airfoil technology. If you own a Crimson Talon G2, we recommend getting our replacement blades that are not only solid, but come in a value-for-money 12 pk offer. You can also acquire manufacturer-certified replacement blades here for your Crimson Talon Outlaw and Hyper Speed broadheads.

Easton Archery

The name Easton Archery is already synonymous with high-quality arrows trusted more and more by pro bowhunters, crossbowmen and even Olympic archery competitors. It goes without saying that the brand's arrows and accessories, like the Easton Broadhead's Alignment Rings 12 pk featured in this category, are highly recommended for professional archers who know the best gear available in the market.

Flying Arrow

If you prefer brands with the highest reputation of innovative inventions in the industry, Flying Arrow could be your first choice. The broadhead accessories from this brand have a cult-like following and so we suggest you get replacement blades and other accessories from this brand if what you're after is superior penetration with the most variety of weight options. Available also in this category are replacement blades for Flying Arrow's Cyclone and Tom Bomb Extreme broadheads.