Cocking Devices

We here at want to make this category as the ultimate guide for archers looking for the the best, value-for-money cocking devices sold by established brands, namely: Barnett, Bear, Carbon Express, Browning, Excalibur, Parker and October Mountain Products.

We include the following criteria to make our selection: brand prominence, body material construction, cocking aid design, patented features and durability.


Barnett finds a special spot in this category because of its ability to create crank cocking devices that are designed to be integrated into the stock of the crossbow for a comfortable fit. Whether you're a right-handed or left-handed expert or intermediate archer, Barnett has the cocking device that you can easily adjust to position its handle either each side.

Some of the features to expect from its cocking devices include: the ability to reduce cocking tecnsion to 17 lbs; compatibility with the Buck Commander, Ghost, Panzer V, Penetrator, Quad, Vengeance and Wildcat series; and customer satisfaction guarantee and limited warranties.

We suggest you get the Barnett Crank Cocking Device Powerstroke if you're a beginner archer who wants the most comfortable fit of cocking device even if alternating between right and left hand use.

Killer Instinct

Killer Instinct deserves praise for creating cocking devices made out of high quality machined construction. We especially would love to recommend to you the Killer Instinct Crank Cocking Device if you're an expert archer looking for a quick post and socket attachment cocking aid. This is a remarkable companion to KI 350 & KI 360 series, so it's all the more valuable if you already own these.

Killer Instinct's other renown brand offerings include: a wide catalog of leading and powerful crossbows; guaranteed U.S. based engineering, design/testing, sales and marketing; and the proprietary HYPR™ LITE and CONNEKT™ ICS (Integrated Cocking System) innovation.

Carbon Express

What defines Carbon Express' series of cocking devices is their crossbow cocking crank design that's made with a quiet-clutch mechanism to make cocking the crossbow easy and quiet.

Expect your Carbon Express cocking devices to weigh only 1 lb. and to have an ability to decrease the cocking effort by 94 percent. If you own a lot of Carbon Express crossbows already, you may want to add the Carbon Express Quiet Crank as a strong cocking aid that you can easily install and remove in seconds. The added neoprene storage case in this one ensures you can lug it around hassle-free.