Crossbow Cases

We at want this category to showcase some of the premium crossbow cases sold today by such big brands as: 30-06, Barnett, BlackHeart, Easton, Excalibur, Horton, Flambeau, October Mountain and Killer Instinct.

Our criteria to select which brands to feature include: brand reputation, portability, storage capacity, protection coating, compartments added and shoulder strap type.

Killer Instinct

Killer Instinct is a distinct brand because of its compact crossbow cases that offer added protection, which archers need to keep their bow safe when chasing big game or storing in the off-season. The focus of Killer Instinct's engineers is to add the following signature features in their cases: multiple padding with rip-stop exterior shell fabric; a heavy corner trim that creates the ideal safe-space for a crossbow; and a total of 4 total storage compartments (3 external, 1 internal) to provide enough space for all your accessory needs.

One of these cases is the Killer Instinct Slayer Crossbow Case. Built with the rip-stop exterior shell fabric and other features above, this one comes with a padded divider that allows safe storage of quiver with bolts for quick unpacking and maximum hunt convenience. The exclusive top carry handle with this one is great for all skill levels of archers looking for a case they can hold horizontally without experiencing side-tipping issues.


What makes Flambeau remarkable is in providing archers with crossbow cases that are large enough to accommodate most makes and models of crossbows with scopes attached. Many of its cases' signature features include: a dual adjustable pillar system with storage caps with broadhead wrenches; fully padded bottoms with hooks; a loop strapping system to keep crossbow secure; and the ability to hold side mount quivers.

One of the large cases we recommend from the brand is the Flambeau Stingray Crossbow Case, which comes with the standard fully padded bottom and adjustable pillar system the brand has come to be known for.


Excalibur's strength comes from making its crossbow cases extra portable thanks to the brand's innovation in adding a quick removable front-end limb assembly in them. Other signature features that archers can enjoy from Excalibur include: padded, compact and discrete cases; non-cumbersome cases that maximize space and storage; Velcro straps added to the compartment's padding to securely hold archers' stock in place; and added 3 external pockets and pouches and even a document sleeve.

Such valuable features can all be found in the Excalibur Explore Take Down Crossbow Case Fits Micro and Matrix Series, which we recommend to archers of all skill levels.