Deer Calls

We at aim that this category will be the ultimate reference of archers when they need information about deer calls sold today by such established brands as: Buck Baits, Duel, Flextone, Haydel Game Calls and Hunters Specialties.

We used the following criteria to make our selection: brand prominence, durability, patented technologies, lifelike realism, airflow cutting and the variations of sounds made.

Buck Baits

We think Buck Baits provides value for archers by making deer calls made out of durable, metallic tone boards that can do grunt calls targeted to attract white tail bucks. These deer calls are generally made with weighted Mylar reed that can be tuned to whatever type of target aimed.

We suggest you get the Buck Baits Exotic Wooden Deer Call Buck Grunt if you need an alternative in your deer call if your previous one doesn't do the trick. Another impressive thing about Buck Baits is that it's innovated the DEER CAMP® series of products, such as the The Cabin™ and The EDGE™ innovations which help you maximize your hunting training.


Flextone is another brand of deer calls that can help build you hunting strength through the brand's signature Inflection Chamber Technology. What this does is it allows archers mimic the natural inflection in sounds made my rutting deer.

Flextone lets you simply compress, expand or bend the chamber to instantly change the sound of your call. It's the brand's innovation to let the chamber cut off airflow, creating the sound of an out-of-breath buck. Its signature Tru-Touch buttons for failure-proof doe and fawn sounds plus a durable snort wheeze chamber will enhance your call library even more.

Flextone's deer calls even work better when paired with the brand's other innovations, such as the Buck Collector® Plus, WTF Grunt'R™, Extractor™, Battle Bag Plus™, All-N-One™ Boned Up and Battle Bones® patented tech.


Duel seems an outstanding brand among archers mainly for the compact design that the brand focuses on in designing the ridged mouthpiece of deer calls for hands-free use. One strong patented tech of the brand is the FreezeFree design, which keeps the call working no matter the weather conditions.

We recommend you get Duel Doe Next Door Micro Heat Bleat Deer Call because of its maximum value in including in the package lanyards with alligator clips to attach to your clothing anywhere you want. The compact design in this one ensures you go hit your hunting targets minus the unwanted burden.