Electronic Calls

We here at aim to make this category the ultimate resource place for archers looking at the most reliable electronic calls available in such brands as: Convergent, Extreme Dimensions, and Johnny Stewart.

Our criteria in picking what brands to feature here will include: brand reputation, signature features, lifelike realism, sound variations, difficulty of use and battery time.

Johnny Stewart

Johnny Stewart provides tremendous value to archers by designing some of today's most authentic predator calls. The brand's specialty is in reaching out and drawing the prey in with the help of 110 decibels of electronic calls.

Other features to expect from the brand that cannot be found elsewhere include: the patented GS2 that boasts 10 pre-programmed calls that can be played, looped, simultaneously or alone; additional 256 MB of storage for more downloaded sounds; remote nests into the body of the call with a range of 100 yards; and a rugged speaker grid and strong multi position handle that can take the weather and roughest of terrain.

The brand's list of sounds will give you the following options: Jackrabbit Buffet, Grown Cottontail, Canine Puppies, Johnny’s Ky-Ki, Chicken Distress, Yellowhammer, Distressed Kitten, Fawn Bleating, Coyote and Coyote Pup Distress.

We recommend you get the Johnny Stewart Grim GS2 Speaker because it has all the aforementioned features above, plus the ability to provide about 6-8 hours of power per battery charge.

Extreme Dimensions

What elevates Extreme Dimensions today is its ability to let its speakers play animal sounds at an impressive level of up to 100 db via its bluetooth speakers. An added innovation is its iHunt app that you can connect to your smartphone or tablet to control the animal sounds without the use of cellular signals.

Other features to expect from the brand's electronic calls include: shock-proof and water resistant speakers to use in any conditions; free to download iHunt app to give the user access to 47 different species and over 600 distinct calls.

We suggest you get the Extreme Dimensions iHunt XSB Game Call if you're a beginner archer trying to experiment with a hunting experience using up to 100 decibels of volume in sound calling. The multiple sound options here guarantee you can hone all varieties of hunting skills.


We believe Convergent can improve your hunting experience with the help of its series of rugged, loud but exceptionally clear, easy-to-use Convergent Hunting Solutions Companion Mobile Applications. One of its products we can recommend if you're a first-time deer hunter is the Convergent Hunting Bullet HP Bluetooth Game Call.