Elk Calls

We here at believe that this category will be the ultimate guide for archers looking for the best elk calls sold by such brands as: Hunters Specialties, Buck Baits, Duel, Primos and Rocky Mountain Hunting Calls.

The criteria we used to make our selection include: brand reputation, ease of use, greatness of sound, resonance and availability of add-ons.

Buck Baits

Buck Baits becomes your number one choice if you need elk calls that are both very easy to use but also sound great. You can trust Buck Baits to give you a wood bell on your elk call that gives the call a mellow sound with a wonderful lifelike resonance.

We suggest you get the Buck Baits Exotic Wooden Cow Elk Call not just because of the aforementioned features, but because they in each pack include a lanyard for carrying your elk call during your hunts.

Another impressive thing about Buck Baits is that it's innovated the DEER CAMP® series of products, such as the The Cabin™ and The EDGE™ innovations which help you maximize your archery essentials to full potential.

Hunter Specialties

Since 1977, Hunter Specialties has developed the engineering expertise to make their elk calls not just reliable but equipped with over 500 innovative offerings. In fact, Hunter S. can empower archers with elk calls that feature a larger call body than many of the other calls out there for added volume and higher pitch.

What this means is that you can make your elk calls carry farther to drive big bulls crazy. What archers may love about the brand is that it generally makes its elk calls easy to use; practically, you just need to bite into them and blow.

Hunter Specialties stands out, too, for its patented creations, such as the Scent-A-Way® series, the Vita-Rack® wildlife management products and the Buck Bomb series of solutions.


Duel is known in archer communities as the creator of elk calls that have a single reed mouth call designed for a comfortable fit. You just need to put your own dual chambers to work and make a variety of cow calls and bull bugles, then you're all set.

We suggest you get the single reed Duel Meadow Mist Elk Call, which you can lug around wherever you are since it's practically weightless. This is ideal for both beginners and expert archers prioritizing comfort over reed type in their elk calls.