Footwear Accessories

We here at Hunting-bow take pride in making this category as a number one source for all hunters or archers looking for the right footwear accessories that are sold by such established brands, such as: Yaktrax, MAXXDry, Icebreaker, Fieldline and HME.

Our criteria for making the choices in this category include: brand prominence, footwear endurance or durability; material quality, comfort and add-on paddings.


We think Yaktrax is a strong brand in the industry for its ability to create lightweight and easy to use ice traction devices that provide greater stability while walking on packed snow and ice.

Some of the outstanding features the brand is known for include: multiple coil angles to ensure stability in all directions; coils made with abrasion resistant 12mm steel; polyelastomer that conforms to the shape of the shoe; and heel tab for easy installation. If you want multiple coil angles you can match with as many footwear types as you can, you'd have to consider picking large Yaktrax Walk Traction Cleats.


You will pick ThermaCell as your brand if you want the type of multi-size heated insoles that can keep your feet warm and toasty in the most bitter of cold. The brand's patented ThermaCELL Heated Insoles will utilize high tech wireless thermal technology that keep your feet warm and comfortable for up to five hours per charge.

ThermaCell also offers such innovations: an easy to use remote control; the insoles that offer three temperature settings: High (111°F), medium (100°F), and no heat; water-resistant; the use of no heat setting when active or indoors to conserve battery life; and lightweight rechargeable lithium ion batteries embedded in the insoles.

ThermaCell was able to innovate their soles to match the shoe, ankle, or waist of the user so they will easily slide into their boots or shoes. If you want insoles with such features but will also come with a drawstring bag, global charger, and wireless remote control all in one pack, go for the ThermaCell Heated Insoles.


You can go to MAXXDry if you're looking for the kind of boot dryers that use forced air technology to gently dry 4 garments in about 1 hour. The brand is able to innovate them to dry and warm boots and gloves together.

One of these boot dryers is the MAXXDry XL Boot Dryer, which is a heavy-duty gear that works quickly to remove moisture and perspiration, thereby reducing the growth of bacteria and mold, the primary causes of odor. MAXXDry made this one to include dual-drying method to dry any 2 pair combination of tall and short boots, gloves, or shoes.