Hunting Sights

We here at Hunting-bow want to make this category the one and only source for information about what hunting sights are best to be purchased from such brands as: 30-06, Apex, Axcel, TruGlo and Viper.

The criteria we used to create this category include: brand reputation, glow ring intensity, elevation adjustability, windage options, body construction, weight and sight acquisition features.


30-06 is a strong brand today for creating the type of hunting sights that already come with four protected fiber pins and a heavy-duty machined aluminum housing. We suggest you get the dirt road 30-06 Aluma 4 Pin Sight to make sure that you can get durable illumination during night hunts.

Other benefits to enjoy from 30-06 include: double-stitching in the seams; fiber-optic material; full adjustability of pins; great visibility coming from its luminous colors; lightweight construction; and a sight level for added accuracy in lower light situations.

Trophy Ridge

We choose Trophy Ridge because we find great value in its React Technology built inside its hunting sights. If you want the kind of sights that can accurately predict each pin gap based on the distance between the 20 yard pin and any other yardage, the bold black Trophy Ridge React Pro Sight is the one to get.

Other Trophy Ridge signature features include: solid 6061 aluminum construction in the body; impressive weight of just 9.5 oz; and added micro-click windage and elevation adjustments. The level of superior glow ring for low-light sight acquisition that Trophy Ridge has created goes well with the 2nd and 3rd axis leveling that the brand is also known for.


You make out the best of archery when you invest in TruGlo's hunting sights that are made of ultra-lightweight, carbon composite material, with Pro Brite pins designed for durability and brightness. If you want sights with mounting brackets longer than previous models and reversible for greater adjustability, go for the TruGlo Carbon XS Extreme Sight Realtree Xtra.

Other TruGlo innovations include: fascinating patented technologies in its releases, such as the ACTIVATOR™, Nitrus™, Detonator™, and SpeedShot™ series; a micro-adjustable trigger travel; precision stainless steel wear-free bow jaws; uncompromising rock-solid connection system for ultra-precise length adjustments; adjustable trigger sensitivity; a 360° rotating head that eliminates string torque; and premium release straps for long–lasting comfort.

If you're an advanced archer, you have a lot to explore with the TruGlo Hyper-Strike Sight as it contains a multitude of accuracy enhancements from the patented MAXAMOUNT bracket.