THE STORE IS OPEN FOR BUSINESS! understands the importance of having the best available options for archery inserts from some of today's best brands that sell them, including: Black Eagle, BloodSport, Carbon Express, Easton and Gold Tip.

Our curated list in this category is made to give the most accurate, updated data and will include these factors in our criteria : affordability, durability, size, arrow shaft compatibility, attributes, brand recognition and reputation.

Carbon Express

Carbon Express is claimed to be the brand that can go the extra mile to ensure the arrow components you get are the best in the market. What we particularly like to recommend to advanced archers today is their Carbon Express Inserts Type 0 (12 pk). They're a spectacular set of aluminum point inserts that fit well for Carbon Express standard diameter arrow shafts. It's strong silver color is an added aesthetic bonus.

Black Eagle

Top archers in the industry rely on Black Eagle for its dedication to equip you with arrows that are constructed, engineered and patented from the best materials existing today. This level of dedication is seen in the way the brand designed the Black Eagle Deep Impact outserts. These are made to match the Black Eagle Deep Impact arrow shafts and are perfect for beginner archers who prioritize lightweight gear over other factors.


BloodSport's prominence today comes from its reputation as a leader in archery innovation and as the only manufacturer that builds arrows and broadheads alongside one another. We suggest you acquire the BloodSport R.O.C. Outserts Red if you're a pro or new archer looking for better penetration and performance in every impact shot. The R.O.C. System design in this one can strengthen your micro-diameter arrows for maximum performance.


The exacting standards that Easton abides by all these years gives it the reputation for being the maker of arrows that boost hunting accuracy. It is known to be the creator of patented innovations like the Acu-Carbon™ Uniform Spine process. The Easton Aluminum RPS Inserts 1913-2020 is what we recommend for both expert and new archers who already own Easton's aluminum arrow shafts. The durable, heavy duty strength of these aluminum point inserts is the perfect companion during long, continuous hunting streaks. goes out of their way to analyze whether the claims made by these brands, such as arrow shaft compatibility and their heavy-duty aluminum material, are legitimate. We also check whether these brands have added bonus components in every