Mechanical Broadheads makes it its goal to provide you in this category some of today's most trusted and patronized brands or makers of mechanical broadheads, including: 30-06, Allen. B3 Releases, HIT Outdoors, Blood Finder, Bloodsport and many more.

To make the claim that these are the legitimate best deals of mechanical broadheads today, we made sure to include in our criteria the following factors: price point, durability, guarantee and warranty, longstanding reputation, innovation and blade material.

30-06 Outdoors

The constant passion of 30-06 Outdoors to elevate their innovation and competitive spirit since 2007 has led to creating one of today's most successful family brands of outdoor gear. We trust this brand and suggest you get its 30-06 Blood Bath Broadheads if you're a beginner looking for a mechanical broadhead that has all the essentials but whose main blade is designed as a spear style.


You may remember Allen already as a trusted brand that's renown in the industry since 1970 for providing a unique blend of US-quality archery gear made with global manufacturers. We highly recommend you get the Allen Hothead Broadhead if you want your next pro archer gear to have a razor sharp chisel tip with a partially serrated .030" blades. This model's field point accuracy comes with replaceable 0-rings that may also benefit archery beginners.

B3 Releases

B3 Releases as a brand is an outstanding choice if you want a well-trained staff behind the maker of the broadheads you're about to buy. Its 250 years of collective experience in the archery world led it to create the B3 Exoskeletal Broadheads, which has a patent-pending design for their curved blades. This is what we recommend for hunters looking for a friction grommet and pre loaded blade angles in their hunting kit.


If you prefer a brand whose specialization is in the development of innovative, cutting-edge arrow and broadhead tech, Bloodsport leads the way with its trademarked Blood Ring™ signature invention. The BloodSport Night Fury Broadheads are a testament to this innovation. This model's highly recommended for professional hunters looking for a design that greatly reduces the amount of exposed blade surface and the amount of energy needed to open the gear.

There are plenty of other brands of mechanical broadheads to explore in this category. We analyzed them all here at to make sure that each blow you make with