Nock Bushing & Collars understands the importance of getting all the best available options, and that's why in this category you can find some of today's best nock bushing and collars made by elite brands, including: Black Eagle, Carbon Express, Easton, Victory and many more.

To make the selection credible, accurate and updated, we made sure to include these factors in our criteria: price point, affordability, aluminum quality, grain weight, brand reputation, and compatibility with arrows and nocks.

Black Eagle

From crossbow components to arrow points, Black Eagle has already made a name in delivering the best quality of archery equipment that are often deemed to be pioneers in the market. We especially like the Black Eagle Carnivore Pin Bushing, and we recommend this for beginners and expert archers who want high quality supplements for their bow's carbon shafts.

Carbon Express

When you want a brand that knows the game in crossbow components engineered for both expert and newbie archers alike, Carbon Express is the one to rely on. One of its nock collars we can recommend is the Carbon Express BullDog Collar Nano-XRZ 400. The strength and durability that this 12-pk. kit offers to your shaft's nock end will elevate your crossbow experience like no brand can do.


Easton is easily the brand to rely on if you want hunting accuracy and full shooter confidence, especially with the brand's cornerstone innovation in its Easton 6.5 arrows. The one stand-out piece of Pin Bushing we can recommend to you if you're an expert shooter is the Easton Pin Bushings A/C/E, which comes in 12 per pk. This is made as a perfect pin nock adapter for Easton A/C/E arrow shafts that allows the use of pin nocks that protect the back of an arrow shaft.

Gold Tip

Gold Tip has made a name in the market as the most recognizable, trusted name in tournament bowhunting and archery. If you own Gold Tip's target shafts, then we would recommend you get the Gold Tip Accu-Bushing GTO Nock for Nine.3 MAX. It's a nock bushing that accepts .166" GTO nocks that may also be of good use for Nine.3 Max Shafts. went the extra mile to analyze whether the claims made by these brands in terms of their compatibility with certain arrow shafts are legitimate We also check whether these brands are still in the business or their models are still available in the