Points & Accessories wants you to only get the best and most reasonably priced crossbow points and accessories in the market, and this is why you can find in this category some of the best brands that make them, including: Three Rivers, Bohning, Carbon Express, Competition Archery Products and Easton.

The criteria we used for us to make the selection credible, accurate and updated include these factors : price point, affordability, material weight, arrow compatibility, arrow spine match, fitness to a carbon arrow shaft and even availability.

Three Rivers

The brand name Three Rivers is already synonymous with excellent traditional archery supplies, selling the world's best selection of traditional bows. We especially recommend you to get the 3Rivers Archery Weight Tubes (5/16 in. 3 gpi. 12 pk) if you're a beginner archer looking for the easiest way to add weight to your arrow for maximum penetration.


Bohning holds exceptional brand reputation today because of its trustworthiness in providing experts with target archery equipment, arrow wraps, fletching adhesives and many other accessories.

What we can recommend you get from their latest collection is the Bohning Glue In Break Off Bullet Points, if you need something that fits .166 ID and has a .229 plus OD. The small diameter in this one can break off parabolic points and will feature two detachable 10 grain weight sections to keep your points securely in place.

Carbon Express

Carbon Express is arguably the number one choice of the world's top bowhunters and target archers and is known best by its patented Carbon Express™ arrows. The set of points and accessories we currently like in their offering is the Carbon Express .234 Size Pin Points, which are highly recommended for archers who want a steel, cone pin point design that can eliminate deflections in the target. The fact that this can fit 350-420 spines is an added bonus you surely don't want to miss.

Competition Archery Products

The exacting standards that Competition Archery Products as a brand sticks to is what gives its high reputation today as one of the best creators of solid steel points in the United States. We like to recommend their Competition 3D Nock Buster Pin Points for archers looking to aim and shoot with confidence even at the presence of a crowded 12 ring. goes out of their way to analyze whether the claims made by these brands, such as the points' stainless steel material, are legitimate.

We also check whether these brands are still in the business or their models have a new upgraded version. We verify if they have lowered their price points to save you time in