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Predator Calls

We bring here in this category of some of the best options of predator calls that archers of varying skill levels can buy from esteemed brands as: Duel, Flambeau, Flextone, Haydel Game Calls, Primos and Roost'Em.

Our criteria for selection on what brands to feature include: brand reputation, lifelike realism, sound authenticity, detachable feature and durability.


Duel's predator calls are a good archer's choice because of their compact design that can create screaming cottontail distress and bird distress calls that not many brands can pull off.

We suggest you get the Duel Micro Cottontail Distress Predator Call if you're aiming to emit a bird in distress in your next hunt without the need for excess baggage.


Primos becomes a good choice for archers if they're looking for predator calls that can detach from the horn to emit a sound that are similar to two distinctly different coyotes. As a result, you get to target your prey even if they're battling over territorial boundaries.

Primos is the inventor of the The Hot Dog predator call, which is super loud, making it a great locator call. It’s also versatile enough to create distress calls of birds, cottontails, jackrabbits, pups, fawns and deer. Primos made sure that its calls' mouthpiece alone can create smooth sounding howls. The horns add rasp and volume to your calling.

Other things to enjoy about Primos include: reputation of being a leader in the design of game calls; wide catalog of low-priced attractants, elk calls and other archery selections; the creation of the signature Prime, Nitro and Forge creations; and a robust and fast product support team.


Flambeau begins to impress archers by creating multi-purpose predator calls which may be able to produce long-range sounds, including jackrabbit, medium range cottontail and close range coaxer. It creates the three-in-one predator calls that are built with polycarbonate construction and a twistable mouth piece for call selection.

We suggest you get the Flambeau Circe Three-in-One Predator Call as the features mentioned above are retained n this model, plus the added value of a weatherproof and hand-tuned feature addition. You get more value from Flambeau as the brand is also known for the lightweight, patented optimally engineered Safe Shot™ Double Wall Series innovation.

Haydel Game Calls

We suggest you get the Haydels Government Hunter Cottontail Predator Call if you're looking for a double-reed with a coaxer voice in your predator call.