Crossbow Scopes

We at want this category to equip you with all the best options of crossbow scopes you can buy from such leading brands as: Bushnell, Chipmunk, Excalibur, Cricket, Crimson, Firefield, German Precision Optics, Leupold, TruGlo and Nikko.

The criteria we used to decide which products to feature here include: durability, speed of adjustment, added turrets, ocular type, shock resistance, and waterproofing or fog-proofing.


TruGlo aims to be known for its patented technologies found in the ACTIVATOR™, Nitrus™, Detonator™, and SpeedShot™ line of products, but its line of scopes also offer such remarkable features as: bright image clarity made with fully coated lens for maximum clarity and contrast; click adjustments; added circle duplex reticle in a .30mm tube; and shock resistance to about 1000 g.

TruGlo's scopes generally also have a 3.75” eye relief, and of course premium waterproof, fog-proof and nitrogen-gas filled protection. One of their scopes we recommend is the TruGlo TruBrite 30 Hunter Scope.

Apart from having the mentioned features above, it's also designed to have a durable leaf spring click adjustment for better windage and elevation. Its extremely wide field of view is ideal for beginner archers trying to hunt for deer, hog, turkey, and vermin hunting with a variable 1-4x 24mm magnification. TruGl is also known for adding weaver style rings and 1/2 MOA windage to most of its crossbow scopes.

German Precision Optics

GPO strives to retain its reputation as a leader in the development, engineering and design of binoculars, rangefinders and riflescopes. Its mission is to address the concerns of nature enthusiasts, birdwatchers and serious hunters through its patented scopes made with quick-adjust 1/5 MOA rotating turrets.

One of their scopes that solve such hunter concerns is the GPO Passion 3X Riflescope. Apart from having the features above, it's also known for its fast-focus ocular, MOA reticle and a 30mm tube. Beginners and experts are recommend to have this one, especially because it comes with a 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee and a Spectacular Lifetime Warranty™.


Excalibur paves the way by creating crossbow scopes that maximize every bit of light available to provide archers the brightest image possible even in extreme low light hunting situations. It's a brand that focuses its engineering department to creating scopes with the clearest, most crisp view for accurate target identification and precise shot placement. We especially recommend to intermediate archers and up to try the Excalibur Twilight DLX Scope that has a 3-6 x 44mm Illuminated Reticle.