Sight Accessories

We at want to give you the best sight accessories in the market that fit your budget and that are made by today's arguably most respected and biggest brands, such as: Axcel, Zbros Archery, SureLoc, TruGlo, Shrewd, Outer Limit and many more.

To avoid overwhelming you with a flood of tech specs and details, we may limit ourselves to the following factors for our criteria of selection: availability, price point, durability, brand popularity, security, quantity of add-ons, precise placement and bow compatibility.


Axcel has gained enough respect and following in the market to become one of today's leading makers of archery accessories. We especially recommend the Axcel XP Wedge Lock Bracket (Green/Black) for hunters of advanced experience looking for the strongest possible hold that also comes with a wider contact than a screw tip. Another remarkable attribute of this one is that it is the standard add-on for the patented Achieve XP Compound and Achieve XP Recurve bow.


If you want a brand that aims to be known as the king of heavy-duty, stainless steel construction in its accessories, you're in good hands with Shrewd. It right now makes a name in the market for its creation of the Shrewd Integrated Sight Pin NOMAD (35mm/42mm .019). We recommend this sight pin for both experts and beginners looking for durable pins that are encapsulated with fiber lining to protect and control the stainless steel pin away from outside light.


TruGlo is making a name in the archery accessories industry for its focus on giving the accessories multiple functions. One of their creations we especially like is the TruGlo Bowhunters Sight Light, which is for all archers alike looking for an LED task light that easily can be mounted to any type of sight pins. The flexible neck feature with this one makes sure you retain its shape all the time, avoiding those unwanted situations where you have to move it around to get it back to intended position. also goes out of its way to verify the claims made by the brands featured in this category, including levels of flexibility, adjustability and multi-functionality that could limit the users' enjoyment. This is to ensure that every purchase you make is suited