Split Cables

We at want this category to be the archer's ultimate guide to everything about split cables that are sold right now by today's leading archery gear brands, such as: Zebra, Vapor Trail and J and D Custom Strings.

Some of the important criteria we considered from the brands include: brand reputation, availability, Factory specs, pre-stretched option and durable serving type.


Zebra is best known in the industry for its Zebra Hybrid Split Cables that are sized from a range of 30 3/8 in. to higher. We highly recommend you get the split cables from Zebra if you're an intermediate archer looking for a durable split cable designed with a special proprietary material.

Zebra's 32 3/8 in. variant of split cables, in particular, features unserved end loops that make it extra secure and durable serving. You can also expect that Zebra will make their split cables already Factory spec'd and Pre-stretched.

Other signature or patented features to expect from Zebra include: split cables for the Zebra® Trophy™ proprietary technology; individually inspected component; BCY material compatibility; assistance in eliminating peep rotation and serving separation; and guaranteed that products are made in the USA. Zebra is best known, too, for its Zebra® Hybrid™, Zebra® Tails™ and Zebra® High Performance Wax innovations.

Vapor Trail

Vapor Trail seems to be changing the game with its VTA material type of split cables. Known for making served end loops as a strong feature in its split cables, Vapor Trail is also known for the following features: D-75 material in the split cables; compatibility with Hoyt and Reflex bows; and a braided center servings with patented Z-S Twist Technology.

Vapor Trail also created them with extremely stable fibers; a "Vapor Twist Extreme" feature that offers zero creep in as few as three shots; a Set It and Forget It" tech that strengthens robust body even in widely changing environments; a patented serving system that maintains maximum tension.

J and D Custom Strings

Archers can rely on J and D for custom strings that are made with 28 strong strands of black D75 material, with all black servings and are usually sold in pairs. We highly recommend you get the black FastFlight-material J and D Split Cable mainly for such patented body material, and for the fact that it features served end-loops.

Other premium features to expect from J and D Custom Strings include: split cables made of 452X material that are already pre-stretched and with served end loops; split buss cables that are compatible with the Mini Genesis; and split cables that are compatible with the Carbon Express X-force advantage.