We here at Hunting-bow want this category to be the guide for archers looking for trustworthy traps sold by established brands, including but not limited to: Bridger, Duke and Minnesota Trapline.

The criteria we used to establish our list include: brand reputation, live market trap quality, steel material, rugged components and durability.


Bridger is a brand of choice for archers looking for traps that are constructed of high quality steel, rugged components and heat treated springs. You can expect that the Bridger bodygrip traps you can buy are built to withstand rugged use on your trap line.

We suggest you get the Bridger Body Gripper Trap No. 110 if you're a beginner archer looking to train long hours outdoors and you don't want your gear to fail on you. Other features to expect from Bridger include: traps that are extremely well built and that have such accessories built in as a double posted pan, a night latch dog, thick jaws, heavy base, high levers, locknuts and 12 in. of machine chains with swivels on end.


Another brand that is deserving of special mention is Duke, the creator of such innovations as the Duke Body Grip Trap No. 220 and the Duke Coil Spring Trap Offset Jaw. If you're an expert archer in the search for coil spring traps, you'd have much to explore with the Duke Coil Spring Trap No. 4 that has a 6 1/2" jaw spread, and is recommended for use in taking beaver, bobcat, coyote and lynx.

Other benefits to enjoy from Duke will include: a wide catalog of about 40 different models of Cage Traps, Coil Spring Traps, and Body Gripping Traps; availability almost anywhere you are in the world; brand reputation of being in the industry since 1938 for guaranteed long-term trustworthiness; and strict compliance with state hunting laws across New Jersey, Florida, California and many major stores.

You can guarantee that the Duke Traps you're getting have certification under International Humane Trapping Standards (AIHTS) across Canada, Russia and the EU.

Minnesota Trapline

Minnesota Trapline becomes a trusted brand choice for trappers for its excellent live market traps and heavy-duty construction of high quality steel in the body material. We suggest you get the Minnesota Trapline MB-550 Offset Predator Trap if you're an intermediate archer and you already know the basics of hunting foxes and coyotes.

Other excellent features to enjoy from the brand include: heat treated springs; small size that can target even the nastiest coyote; mixed specie line effectivity; and an impressive inventory of baits, lures, traps and even animal handing gear.