Cajun Sucker Punch Bowfishing Bow

by Cajun

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Cajun Sucker Punch Bowfishing Bow | Bare Bow


The bowfishing season is one of the most exciting hunting seasons. Beautiful weather and outstanding landscape surround the bowfisherman while bowfishing. The only thing missing is the right bow for the right occasion.



Proper Maintenance is necessary while using a Bowfishing Bow in Salty water conditions. Clean all parts with a soft cloth and soak the fishing line into clear water to eliminate the extra salt.

You can be creative and build your own setup or you can have a complete setup with the Cajun Sucker Punch Bowfishing Bow Cajun Sucker Punch Bowfishing Bow Package.



  • Weight: 3.2 lbs,
  • Brace Height: 7.25”,
  • Axle to Axle: 35.25”,
  • Draw Weight: 50 lb.,
  • Draw Length: 17 to 31”,
  • Cams specifically designed for bowfishing (Constant draw or 60 percent let off.) Let Off up to 60 percent with Let-off cam modules.
  • Right Hand only, special order must be fulfilled for left hand (Please contact us)



The Cajun Sucker Punch Bowfishing Bow is built tough to withstand all the abuse of bowfishing seasons after seasons.

The Cajun Archery Sucker Punch allows two modes of operation; constant draw or 60 percent let-off by simply changing out the included cam modules. No bow press is needed to do so which is a great asset for maximum usability. The Let-Off Modules have a draw weight adjustment from 17lbs up to 50lbs and a draw length adjustment from 17" to 31" making this bowfishing bow a serious choice for youth and adults.

Deep grooves were designed specifically for the Sucker Punch Cams to prevent string derailment. This means in the the course of action, even nervous shooting will be efficient because the string will stay into firing position.

Great innovative technology in the Cajun Archery Sucker Punch bowfishing bow that will increase your shooting experience while bowfishing. 

For more information concerning the Sucker Punch, Have a look on our Cajun Sucker Punch Review


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