Best New Crossbows of 2017

2017 crossbow technology is under the sign of innovation even if some proven platform models were slightly improved, many manufacturers decided to invest in new crossbow technology to create more compact crossbows, more powerful crossbows or both compact and powerful crossbows. New patented technology appeared this year and making a Best New Crossbows of 2017 - Top Ten Crossbows was undeniably the thing to do to encompass those who stood out at ATA show in Indianapolis. 

This article will oversee the basics of the entire crossbows listed in this top ten crossbows - New Crossbows. I would do a special mention the Gearhead X16 Carbon Fiber because it’s probably the lightest crossbow on the market but I chose to not put it in my top 10 crossbows.


Top 10 Crossbows – Best New Crossbows summary

Model Reviewed Cocking draw weight Stroke Velocity Suggested arrow length Crossbow uncocked | Weight Cocking device Hunting Deer

Ravin R9 Predator Crossbow

195 lbs. 13” 390 FPS Ravin Branded Arrows 10.5"| 6.9lbs. Fully Integrated Cocking Mechanism Yes

Horton Vortec RDX crossbow

135 lbs. 15.5” 340 FPS 20” 14.875”| 7.7 lbs. Two options for cocking devices Yes

Excalibur Micro Suppressor Crossbow

280 lbs. 10.2” 343 FPS 16.5” 24.75”| 5.4 lbs. Rope Cocking Included Yes

Killer Instinct SWAT Crossbow

165 lbs. 17.5” 385 FPS 22” 14”| 6.9 lbs. Rope Cocking  Included Yes
TenPoint Carbon Phantom RCX 160 lbs. 16” 385 FPS 20” 17”| 6.9 lbs. ACUdraw 50 or ACUdraw Yes
CAMX X330 Crossbow  165 lbs.  12.25” 330 FPS  20” 25”| 6.1 lbs. Rope Cocking Included Yes

Browning 171 Crossbow

 170 lbs.  14.625” 390 FPS  22”  19.875”|7.2 lbs. Browning rope cocking device Yes
Barnett BC ReVengeance  145 lbs. 18” 400 FPS 20” 18”| 8.4 lbs. Rope Cocking  Included Yes

Parker Tornado XXT Crossbow

160 lbs. 15.375” 365 FPS 20” 20.625” | 8.9 lbs. No Rope Cocking  Included Yes

CenterPoint Gladiator Whisper 405

200 lbs.  14.5” 405 FPS  20”  17.5”| 7.9 lbs. Rope Cocking  Included Yes


Let's have a closer look at what everyone is actually bringing on the market this year.


    Ravin R9 Predator Crossbow Package

    Best New Crossbows of 2017 - Ravin R9 Predator Crossbow Package

    Awards: Best downrange accuracy and easiest to crank. Has the most interesting new technology.

    The Ravin R9 predator crossbow does almost all the job in your place. The technology featured in this crossbow was built in to increase safety and usability for any hunters. By lowering cocking weight as low as 10 pounds, any person can cock the Ravin R9 even with major disabilities. Everything is auto-engaging after clasping the string. It also automatically clasps the center of the string for better precision.

    As for precision, the HeliCoil technology was created to keep the best downrange accuracy on the market. It coils cables away from both the top and bottom of the cams in helical grooves keeping the cams perfectly balanced. The Cams can rotate on 340 degrees and provides a 390 FPS of velocity for a 135 ft.-lbs. of kinetic energy. 

    The design of the crossbow is significantly smaller and narrower with only 6 inches when cocked. It lightweight increases its maneuverability. The fully integrated cocking device is both a really awesome improvement but also one of its flaw. It clearly makes everyone lives easier but also slowing you down if you want to shoot multiples bolts. 

    The Ravin R9 predator crossbow package is definitely a deadly hunting weapon and this even at 100 yards. For an even more deadly hunting weapon, you can have a look at their newest version of the Predator, the R15


    • HeliCoil Technology provides 390 FPS
    • Compact design for tight hunting places
    • Downrange Accuracy stays even with distance (100 yards)
    • Fully integrated cocking Versa-Draw system and increased safety mechanism with the Trac-Trigger Firing System
    • Fully assembled and tuned


    • Branded Arrows 
    • Crank cocking device is the only way offered

    For more information towards this crossbow, you can have a look on our complete Ravin Crossbow R9 Review.


    Horton Vortec RDX crossbow

    Best New Crossbows of 2017 - Horton Vortec RDX crossbow

    Awards: Best for tight hunting situations. Among lowest cocking draw weight.

    Based on the Storm Platform which was really popular last year, the Horton Vortec RDX Crossbow is lighter and more compact than its predecessor. It comes with a really nice pro-view two scope.

    Easier to cock with only 135 lbs. of draw weight, this crossbow provides 340 FPS for approximately 103 ft.-lbs of kinetic energy. This will be enough velocity to take down the biggest animal allowed in North America.

    This reverse draw crossbow comes in the mossy oak finish leaving a sweet impression when you look at it. You have to make a choice in-between the Dedd Sled 50 or the ACUdraw cocking system. Both do their job perfectly but some would prefer rope cocking aids for faster shooting.

    They changed the arrow retention spring for an arrow retention brush. This change will reduce vibration and give you more life out of the arrow retention onto the barrel.


    • Lighter and more compact reverse draw crossbow
    • Compact design for tight hunting places
    • Accuracy stays even with distance (60-70 yards)
    • Reduced vibrations for better quietness


    • Only two options available for cocking (but two good ones)


    Excalibur Micro Suppressor Crossbow

    Best New Crossbows of 2017 - Excalibur Micro Suppressor Crossbow

    Awards: Quietest compact recurve crossbow. 

    They made all the modifications necessary on the Excalibur Micro Suppressor to make this crossbow without any cons, except for the draw weight. In past years, noise and total length were main issues for recurve crossbows. Excalibur understood what customers really wanted from a recurve crossbow. They wanted more durability, a more compact design so the structure could be lighter and almost no sound and vibrations from shooting. 

    Based on the Excalibur 355 platform, assembling the Micro Suppressor is easy and fast. They kept it simple so you can enjoy more quickly your new crossbow.

    Bring an extra string and nothing can stop you to have to best hunting experience you will have with a recurve crossbow. This crossbow delivers 343 FPS with 350 grains total arrow weight and is expected to give you 91.5 ft-lbs of kinetic energy. It's plenty enough to bring a lot of meat in the freezer next hunting season.


    • Impressive sound deadening system
    • Compact design for tight hunting places
    • Accuracy stays even with distance (60-70 yards)
    • Durability and Reliability that Excalibur is renowned for


    • Heavy Draw weight 
    • Specific size of bolts

    Killer Instinct SWAT Crossbow


    Best New Crossbows of 2017 - Killer Instinct SWAT Crossbow

    Awards: Safest compound crossbow on the market. Best tactical crossbow

    First notable element it his 29 inches of length with a retractable foot stirrup. Its shorter length doesn't affect power stroke because the Killer Instinct SWAT crossbow has a partially concealed string section into the stock. The CST Compression Levers are responsible for this unique design. This unique design brings sub-compact crossbows to another level.

    It also features a Double Barrel System for an unmatched safety flight track. The string is literally floating freely in-between the upper and lower barrel. It eliminates friction on the flight track. The Double Barrel System also acts as a sound suppressor reducing noise. Furthermore, the arrow is completely concealed into the barrel system making almost impossible to get injured by the bolt.

    This sub-compact compound crossbow delivers 385+ FPS with 17.5 inches of the power stroke and 165 lbs. of draw weight.

    It also features a smooth and efficient sniper-grade trigger system that breaks only with 2.5 lbs of pressure. 

    The Killer Instinct SWAT crossbow package is one of the best on the market. The Hawke XB30 Pro Scope is among the best on the market. Other accessories are high-quality items. They put their best technology with the best possible items together in the Killer Instinct SWAT.


    • Sub-Compact design without sacrificing Speed
    • Compact design for tight hunting places
    • Accuracy stays even with distance (90-100 yards)
    • Double Barrel System increases safety
    • Unique Concealed string design
    • Tactical look and finish is sharp


    • Inside barrel maintenance 


    TenPoint Carbon Phantom RCX

    Best New Crossbows of 2017 - TenPoint Carbon Phantom RCX

    Awards: Best high range priced new compound crossbow

    The TenPoint Carbon Phantom RCX was created for maximum speed with minimal draw weight. It features a carbon fiber riser for a lighter crossbow and an adjustable cheek and butt plate for extra length if necessary or better comfort.

    This crossbow delivers 385 FPS with their pro lite arrows and is only 160 lbs. of draw weight. The technology behind these results is reverse cams. This system provides also a narrower 8.75 inches inside axle-to-axle when cocked. 

    It comes with the ACUdraw 50 or the ACUdraw crank system. 

    The Rangemaster Pro scope which is drop compensating speed is a great asset on the crossbow. The package is a high-quality TenPoint package. 


    • New TenPoint Flagship
    • Compact design for tight hunting places
    • Accuracy stays even with distance (70-80 yards)
    • Carbon Fiber Riser for a lighter crossbow and extra durability


    • Pricey


    CAMX X330 Crossbow


    Best New Crossbows of 2017 - CAMX X330 Crossbow

    Awards: Second best for safety among these listed top 10 crossbows

    This new brand tried to figure out some problems from competitors. They came with a machined receiver with an integrated Picatinny rail so scope can't go loose due to Picatinny rail loosing. They also modified the safety wings for finger protection. These press loading wings are retractable while cocking with the rope roller cocking device. The wings are folding on the aluminum riser and get back in place when cocked.

    Another problem, they tried to solve is the uncocking problem. They integrated a lever into the receiver to disengage the dry-fire system. It requires strength to retain the string with only one hand but at least it’s now possible to uncock without dry-firing or a discharge bolt.

    They also simplify the quick detach mounted quiver by simply creating an easy screw in mount quiver.

    The CamX X330 crossbow delivers 330 FPS with 160 lbs of draw weight. 


    • Safe Foregrip
    • New Press loading wings for safety
    • Accuracy stays even with distance (60-70 yards)
    • Solving many problems on other competitors crossbow


    • New brand, not enough data on performance and durability 


    Browning OneSevenOne Crossbow

    Best New Crossbows of 2017 - Browning OneSevenOne Crossbow

    Awards: Best crossbow to make rifle hunting transition to crossbow hunting.

    Like the award I gave to the Browning OneSevenOne crossbow, the manufacturer created his crossbow having rifle hunters who wanted to make a transition to crossbow hunting. However, the Browning 171 crossbow is an excellent choice for any level shooter. The technology, the unique honeycomb design combined with its efficiency and precision make this ready to hunt crossbow package a serious choice to be considered.

    The philosophy behind Browning Rifle product is a better trigger makes a better accuracy and then a better hunting experience. They, then, imported that philosophy to hunting crossbows. All Browning crossbows come with the Triggertech technology which is probably the best trigger on the market nowadays.

    This crossbow comes with an aluminum forged riser and a ready-to-shoot package. The Browning 171 crossbow delivers 390 FPS with 170 lbs. of draw weight (rope cocking device included). The included bolts are unusual 22 inches bolts but are quite decent. Any 22" bolts as long as they are over 400 grain will work with this crossbow.

    The scope is a pretty standard one which you may experience some problems with holding zero after many shots.

    It has a really nice finish and a practical compact design made especially for hunting purposes.


    • Make rifle hunting transition to crossbow hunting easier
    • Compact design for tight hunting places
    • Browning Soft Sound String Suppressors
    • Accuracy stays even with distance (50 yards)
    • Safety has been improved
    • Well known brand


    • Unusual  22" bolts
    • Scope could be better


    Barnett BC ReVengeance

    Best New Crossbows of 2017 - Barnett BC ReVengeance

    Awards: Fastest Reverse Draw Crossbow listed in this Top 10

    The Barnett BC Revengeance Crossbow Package is built on last year Vengeance model. From this previous platform, many improvements were made to bring this reverse draw crossbow on another level of performance. It has a newly forged riser to provide more speed. It comes with a new brush arrow retention mechanism. This change decreased vibration with the flight track. It also comes with a new triggertech technology trigger and with a new safety mechanism.

    By reversing the riser, reverse draw crossbow is more balanced crossbows. It brings more weight to the rear section of the crossbow instead of the front end. A must consider when you are looking for steadier shots.

    The ReVengeance delivers a stunning 400 FPS at only 145 lbs. of draw weight. 


    • Fast Reverse draw crossbow
    • Compact design and lighter than the previous model
    • New Technology increases accuracy


    • Still a bit heavy for its compact design


    Parker Tornado XXT Crossbow

    Best New Crossbows of 2017 - Parker Tornado XXT Crossbow

    Awards: Best improvements towards previous Tornado models.

    Parker brought Tornado's platform on another level. The Parker Tornado XXT Crossbow features the new Parker Extreme Xbow Technology (XXT). This new technology combines four innovations into the same crossbow; Inverted cams, Split limb Aray technology, High-Performance Synergy Cam technology, and the Parker Cavity-Back riser technology.

    All the technology in place is responsible for its 365 FPS that provides about 120 ft.-lbs of Kinetic energy with 400 grains total arrow weight. Everything is set for an outstanding hunting experience with the Tornado XXT.

    Maneuverability and Safety are not left behind with 8.9 lbs and its G-2 Bull-pup trigger that auto-engage. It comes with an ambidextrous safety and anti-dry-fire mechanism. There are three optional packages with different scopes and different items.

    Parker crossbows are American made and have a lifetime warranty.


    • Four distinct innovations on the new Tornado
    • Deadly for any legal hunts
    • Red Hot Arrows
    • Lifetime Warranty


    • None yet 


    CenterPoint Gladiator Whisper 405

    Best New Crossbows of 2017 - CenterPoint Gladiator Whisper 405

    Awards: Best Under-estimated crossbow

    CenterPoint continues to impress years after years with often underestimated crossbows. 

    The CenterPoint Gladiator Whisper 405 Crossbow has everything that a hunter will need to have an awesome hunting experience. It has the Whisper Silencing System that includes two string stops, two limb dampeners and two spider silencers for the ultimate in noise reduction and vibration control. The crossbow is also featuring an adjustable Tactical AR-style stock making possible adjustments from 35" to 37.5". The bow assembly has Quad limbs and a CNC machined cam system. 

    Concerning hunting, the Gladiator Whisper 405 delivers 405 FPS and generates about 142 ft.-lbs. of kinetic energy at launch with a 390 total arrow grain. It has an ultra-compact design with only 13.5" when cocked making movements into tight places much easier.

    Quietness, Power, and maneuverability are key elements for a good hunting experience.


    • Quietness, Power, and maneuverability
    • Really efficient Whisper Silencer System
    • Deadly for any legal hunting game
    • Simple and efficient


    • Pricey compared to other CenterPoint models 


    Many more Crossbows were shown at the ATA 2017 show and I will conduct another top 10 crossbow - new crossbows as soon as I get more data about them. I will review the Barnett Ghost 420, New Mission crossbows and much more.

    Thank you for reading us! I hope this article gave you enough info to get more curious about each and every of them.

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