Arrows & Shafts makes it one of its missions in this category to offer you the best priced, most heavy-duty quality of arrow shafts from today's biggest, most trusted brands, including: Victory, Black Eagle, Beman, Carbon Express and many more.

Our curated list is reliable, updated and accurate mainly because we include these factors in our criteria : affordability, material weight, durability, availability, weight tolerance, and whether they already include nocks and inserts in the kit.


The brand name Victory has long been a stand-out in the industry mainly for its offerings of exceptional archery products for both target shooters and hunters alike. We especially would like to recommend their Victory VAP TKO Elite Shafts (400, 1 doz.) for starter shooters who want the maximum kinetic energy and penetration they can buy within their variable budget. The patented signature behind this shaft is the MaxxKe technology that helps reduce the twisting force weight compared to the standard VAP arrow shaft.


Beman is already a brand known in the market for its world reputation of being a preeminent innovator, designer and manufacturer of today's most heavy-duty carbon arrows. We suggest you get the Beman White Out Shafts that come in a dozen per pack if you want high visibility and easier blood tracking during your big game hunts. Its Grayed out Realtree camo pattern design is an added aesthetic bonus.

Black Eagle

Black Eagle's record in the market today is in its effort to always go the extra mile in ensuring you get the best arrow components possible in your set budget. We highly approve the brand's
lack Eagle Vintage Traditional Shafts for refined archers who want a vintage, classic feel in their archery gear without compromising for the shaft's material strength.

Carbon Express

The meticulous set of standards that Carbon Express follows has led it to become one of today's most trusted brands of choice for top bowhunters and target archers. We like to recommend the Carbon Express Heritage Shafts at 150 per dozen for advanced shooters who are looking for the look and feel of a classic cedar in their shafts but with the durability of carbon composite. goes out of their way to analyze whether the claims made by these brands, such as the straightness tolerance of the shafts and their matched weight, are legitimate. We also check whether these brands will include nocks and inserts in every pack