Camera Mounts & Security

We here at Hunting-bow would love to make this category as the ultimate reference for all archers and hunters searching for camera mounts and security gear sold by such brands as: 30-06 Bohning Covert HME, and many more.

Our criteria to make our selection trustworthy include: brand reputation, durability, reputation of the model, flex arm ruggedness, recording type, and jaw style.


30-06 is the first brand we picked to feature here because of its ability to create mounting brackets that directly fit into any tree with its auger style tips that are made of durable steel construction. You can expect all 30-06 brackets to have a fully adjustable support bracket, with limitless camera mounting angles that allow for camera action in all directions. If you want the brackets to be compatible with all 1/4-20 threaded cam receivers, then the Multi-Angle 3006 Trail Camera Mounting Bracket will be the model of choice.

Other features to enjoy from 30-06 brackets include: compatibility with 1/4-20 cam receivers and limitless camera mounting angles.


We are impressed by HME's brand reputation of making mount trail camera holders that are compact in design but will also work with all ¼’’ by 20mm threads. The convenient 3-pack design that easily screws into a tree is also another HME innovation that puts it to a top position. You can go to HME if you want a lock washer for perfect camera orientation and fast action recording.

Hawk Treestands

If you want sport mounts with easy attach jaw style clamps, rugged flex arms and fast action recording, then Hawk Treestands should be your top choice. You can consider getting the Hawk All-Camera Sport Mount if you're an expert or even an intermediate archer looking to study your hunting skills or the way you shoot your prey.


We like Bohning for its reputation of creating camera mounts that will already allow you to position your game camera where deer and other hunters will not see it. The standard offers of Bohning today will usually feature two 360 degree pivot points to ensure your camera can be positioned at nearly any angle. You can also go to the brand if you want mounts that will fit all cameras with standard 1/4-2- threaded bushing.


This is the brand to go to when you want to go bungee jumping with a camera, since FirstCam's innovation in easy-to-mount trail camera that wraps and secures around the tree in no time is proven and tested. Flexible and elastic, the FirstCam Pro Camera Bungee Cord is for every adrenaline junkie looking for tree thicknesses of about 4"–13".