Compound Crossbows wants this category to be your all-time source of all the best possible choices of compound crossbows in the market from today's leading brands, which include: Eastman Outdoors Inc, Barnett, CAMX, Carbon Express, Arrow Precision and many more.

We want our data to be as accurate as possible, so we made sure to include these in our criteria of selection: price point, availability, bundled features, signature features, draw weight, power strokes and even overall length.

Arrow Precision

Arrow Precision's renown comes from its outstanding commitment to engineering precision level of cranks, rods, and flywheels, but their compound crossbows still manage to be on top. One of their patented creations we recommend to first-time crossbow hunters is its Inferno series of compound crossbows. We suggest you get the Arrow Precision Inferno Flame Crossbow if you're a first-time crossbow hunter looking for 20" arrows that allow for easier and more precise arrow shots that can gradually improve your accuracy score.


Barnett is the one brand that many expert archers already associate with exceptional compound crossbow craftsmanship and with specialty in latest tech improvement for improving power strokes. We especially like their Barnett Droptine Crossbow Package and highly recommend it to tournament archers who want a crossbow gear that holds tight to your side like a hunting dog. Shooting at 360 FPS and with a kinetic energy of 109 ft lbs, you get the best arrow hit per dollar you invest in this one.

Eastman Outdoors Inc.

Eastman Outdoors Inc. is the brand that already established itself to be an industry leader in providing not just compound crossbows, but even outdoor cooking hardware, flavoring systems and wild game processing solutions that go well with your bow. We put our name behind its 18 X-Force Black Crossbow Blade Package. It's the crossbow we recommend to advanced archers looking for the sweetest balance between maneuverability and weight without worrying about fatigue from carrying it around for hours.


While Browning is officially no longer in the archery enterprise, it had over the years proven its expertise in providing exceptional bows for beginners and elite level archers alike. We suggest you get the Browning 161 Crossbow if you're a new enthusiast who wants a Proudly Made in the U.S.A. gear to explore the full shooting experience of a crossbow. went the extra mile to analyze each of these maker's claims in terms of overall length, quiver bundles, rope cocking device add-ons, mass weight, overall length

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