We here at want to make this category as the ultimate reference tool for archers looking for the right feathers they need that are made by such brands as Gateway and Trueflight.

Our criteria in selecting which brands deserve a feature include: brand reputation, durability, color variety and quantity per pack.


Gateway makes a name in the industry by making sure its feathers are hand-selected in the United States, as well as its dye materials and packaging products. Such product consistency results in a good quality reputation for over 50 years already. From drying and grinding the quills to die cutting processes, Gateway harnesses complete control but also assures the customers get the savings they deserve.

We recommend you get the Gateway Barred Feathers that come in variety of colors and length if you're a beginner archer looking for the easiest way to experience fast, fun and swift arrows. Other benefits you can expect from Gateway's feathers and other archery essentials include: ability to increase arrow spin and bowhunters using a modern equipment to paper-tune their arrows and broadheads to their bow; ability of feathers to be used on all types of arrow shaft materials; and high compatibility with the G1 Glue when attaching to the arrow.

If you're a right- or left-handed expert archer looking for a parabolic cut natural feather with barred striping at 5/8" profile, then Gateway also has an answer. The Gateway Batwing Feathers are also just as reliable except that they're 2" right wing feathers.


TrueFlight brings to the table a wide variety of high quality natural feather fletching for archery arrows and darts. If you want hand-processed turkey feathers that come in a variety of colors and cuts and styles, such as parabolic, flu flu, uncut or full length, you'd have a lot of options to pick from the brand.

Other TrueFlight innovations to elevate the feathers in your kit include: the Mini-barred design that's built for a new double-take design that's just as stylish and reliable; multiple bars compared to standard feathers; finest turkey material; bright colors for further illumination; and a Proudly Made in America Guarantee.

We suggest you get the 4” Trueflight Parabolic Feathers if you're an intermediate archer wanting to experience what it's like to use a different fletching for your arrows than what is used to. Pair this with a Feather Chopper or a Feather Burner and you can even increase the variations you can have with your arrows' fletching design.