Fletched Arrows dedicates this category to some of today's most established brands and flight-stabilized, heavy duty models of fletched arrows used both in professional tournaments and hobby communities. To name a few, we feature here the Barnett Jr Arrows and other models from the brands, Bear, Beman and Black Eagle.

Our criteria for our selection include price point, availability, product highlights, proprietory tech and customization features.


Barnett has carved itself a name both in the world of archery in general, and premium optics and arrows in particular, for quite some time already. From proprietory features like crank cocking device compatibility to metal-injected molded triggers, Barnett brings forth stellar products perfect for both beginners and experts.

If you want youth arrows meant for Barnett youth bows, we highly recommend you get the Barnett Jr Arrows. It already includes a set of points and comes in 3 packs, at 28 in. These are the perfect pair for those anti-dry fire Barnett crossbows, too.

Bear Archery

Since 1933 Bear Archery has consistently proven its established name as a maker of legendary bows and accessories for both professional enthusiasts and newbie hunters. This longstanding reputation is testament to the time-tested durability of the products from this brand.

We suggest you get the Bear Brave Arrows if you're still a beginner because these are easy to handle and they already come in 3 packs at 24 cases per pack, already with glue on their nocks and points. The fiberglass material in these youth arrows are reliable to help you hit your aim precisely.


Beman's strength comes in the fact that it's a brand focused only in manufacturing innovative carbon arrows. This means all its attention goes to mastering the creation of arrows, and not on bows. We recommend this brand if you're a professional and you're elevating your bowing experience to finding the best arrows that go beyond your current basic ones.

The Beman Centershot Arrows are the best pick if you're looking for reduced diameter in the carbon shaft of your arrows.