Index Finger Trigger Releases wants this category to be your reference for the best index finger trigger releases that you can purchase from elite brands, such as: 30-06, B3 Releases, HIT Outdoors, Carter, Cobra, TruFire and TruGlo.

Our criteria to decide what to feature here include: durability, body construction, bow compatibility, dual-caliper design, quietness, accuracy, connection system and strap adjustments.


TruGlo stands out today for its fascinating patented technologies in its releases, such as the ACTIVATOR™, Nitrus™, Detonator™, and SpeedShot™ releases. Other features that define its releases today include: a micro-adjustable trigger travell; precision stainless steel wear-free jaw; uncompromising rock-solid connection system for ultra-precise length adjustments; and adjustable trigger sensitivity; 360° rotating head that eliminates string torque; and premium release straps for long–lasting comfort.

We suggest you get theTruGlo Nitrus Release for its breakthrough stainless steel dual-caliper design that makes it even quieter, faster and more accurate. If you want a strong boa closure system that provides quick on/quick off one-hand strap adjustments, this is the one to get.


TruFire stands out because of its series of patented technologies in its index finger trigger releases, including the 360° head rotation, FoldBack™ design, TruCenter™ Technology and TruFire’s exclusive TrapTab™ buckle strap.

Other accuracy-increasing innovations it has developed for its releases include multiple position trigger adjustments, ambidextrous fit, and the most convenient wrist strap systems.

We suggest you get the TruFire Smoke Extreme Release Buckle if you're looking for a reliable index finger release that has a locking length adjustment, an adjustable trigger travel and an extreme style wrist strap.

TRU Ball

Tru Ball is a brand known today for giving archers a fixed head thumb trigger handheld release that already features a thinner head and jaw to reduce a D-loop torque. We suggest you get the Tru Ball Short-N-Sweet'R Hybrid Release if you're an intermediate level archer looking for a fixed head release with the aforementioned features. This also comes with finger bed grooves for an added grip and a more silent, easy-cocking and safer firing mechanism.

Tru Ball makes a name in also designing their index finger releases to have an added weight, made of half a brass and half an aluminum, to provide an ergonomic off-set body style.


Cobra is the brand of choice if you want lighter index finger trigger releases. We recommend the Cobra Accomplice Release for its 25 percent less felt draw weight that's a great choice for anyone looking to draw with ease.