Rangefinders equips you with the best rangefinders that money can buy through the help of the products we present in this category that are sold by today's leading brands, such as: Bresser, Bushnell, Halo, Leupold, Muddy, Redfield, SigSauer and German Precision Optics.

The last thing you want is to be bombarded with noisy data and details, so we make your life easier by filtering the selection process of what products to feature here according to the following criteria : price, availability, pre-order terms, compatibility, simplicity, easy-to-install features, magnification add-on, inclinometer add-ons and multicoating quality.


Redfield arguably maintains its brand dominance mainly for the way it blends simplicity and affordability in the laser rangefinders it releases in the market. One of its many premium products that we like to recommend is the Redfield Raider 650A Rangefinder.

Apart from being simple and affordable, this laser rangefinder can offer everyone 6X magnification and range of about 650 yards in reflective target. The multicoated optics and high contrast LCD display that this rangefinder is built with ensures you get the best that the industry can offer today.


What SigSauer seems to be most famous for lately is in creating rangefinders built with powerful monoculars and anti-reflection coatings, giving you superior light transmission and optical clarity. We especially like to promote the SigSauer KILO 1200 Rangefinder especially for its Revolutionary Lightwave DSP Technology feature.

This patented tech enables you to get the fastest, most compact, lightweight and longest distance rangefinder engine in the market. This one uses 1 CR-battery and has a transmittance LCD display that gives archers of intermediate and expert skill levels that much needed extra edge during competitions.


Halo is an excellent brand in its own right for the way it delivers powerful tech and value in its products to answer archers' urgent demands. What we today are especially fond of recommending to intermediate archers is their Halo 450XL Rangefinder.

With a 450 yard reflective range at 6x the magnification, you get more power and reach with this on hand during competitions. This also allows for constant ranging, with a water resistant feature that comes with a 1-year warranty. goes out of its way to make sure the claims these brands make are verifiable, updated and of rigorous testing, including their official product attributes and AI technology claims.

This is to make sure that you have the right rangefinders that fit the kind of archer you