Silencers & Limbsavers wants this category to be the archer's ultimate guide to buying silencers and limbsavers from such top brands as : Apex, MountainMan, Dead Center, Limbsaver, and Killer Instinct.

Our criteria to know which brands to feature include: design, compatibility with bows, difficulty to install, speed of installation, and the need for tools to install.


Apex is the brand known for distinguished patented bow technologies, such as the REACTOR™ and DOUBLEDOWN™ series. For silencers, Apex is known for creating the ones with doubledown dual-arm design that are quick and easy to install on bowstring or cables without the use of a bowpress. One of its creations we recommend to expert archers or those with intermediate skill level is the Apex Doubledown String Silencer.

This model is remarkable because it not only comes with the standard features above, but you can also operate it just by simply wrapping around them and pulling your arm through the hole to secure them onto the cable or string. Other remarkable silencer features from Apex include: the Apex Gear® signature tech that eliminates string vibrations; ability to increase dampening of the bow; and an added accessory holder for maximum storage.


Since 1935, MountainMan as a brand keeps creating time-tested silencers that not only look stylish in their premium beaver hide design, but are also universal in use because they work on all bows in all kinds of weather.

Other features you can expect from silencers and limbsavers of MountainMan include: lightweight and long-lasting material; reasonably priced but works better than most other silencers; sound reduction to about 50% to 75%; twang quietening component; and Northern tanned beaver hide material.

These features can be found in the MountainMan Beaver Balls String Silencers, which we recommend to traditionalist archers who want an easy-to-use silencer that's as close to the prehistoric longbow as can be. If you want a naturally waterproof, rubber-made silencer that doesn't need a tool to install, go with this one.

Dead Center

Dead Center is the brand to pick when you want your silencers to have a robust plastic material and to provide a superior vibration dampening ability for your stabilizers.

Other signature features to expect from the brand include: guaranteed 100% USA made; precision engineered stabilization solutions that are made in-house, not outsourced; Precision machined aluminum material that protects your stabilizer; patented Diamond series hardware that's precision engineered to offer infinite adjustability for rock solid performance and perfect balance.