String Silencers

String Silencers are tricky to pick, so we at made this category as a guide for archers on how to pick them from today's leading global brands, such as: Apex, Bow Jax, Limbsaver, October Mountain and Zebra.

The criteria we used to pick the right brands to feature will include: brand mileage, ability to reduce vibration, ease of use, speed of installation and the need for a bow press to install.


The remarkable thing about Zebra as a global brand is its innovation in creating string silencers that reduce all sound and vibration from your string and cable with simple, easy to install accessories. We recommend you get the black, 4 pk. Zebra String Silencers if you're an intermediate archer looking for higher vibration reduction that can also fit your bow quickly even in the absence of a bow press.

Other remarkable features to appreciate from Zebra's string silencers and other gear include: the Zebra® Trophy™ proprietary technology; individually inspected components; BCY material compatibility; assistance in eliminating peep rotation and serving separation; and guaranteed that products are made in the USA.

Zebra is best known, too, for its Zebra® Hybrid™, Zebra® Tails™ and Zebra® High Performance Wax innovations that go well with the brand's string silencers.

October Mountain

October Mountain gives archers maximum advantage by offering string silencers that come with increased speed, noise reduction, shot consistency, reduced string oscillation and improved string travel. What this means is that these string silencers will allow for bows to be easily stored and removed from bow hooks.

Other benefits and features to enjoy from October Mountain's string silencers and other gear include: enhanced string groove for increased consistency; nose and hand-shock reduction features; unique carbon body material; compatibility with the patented Night Ridge, SEKTOR 62", and Versa-Cradle Microtune Bow Viser and Strata 62" longbows.

We suggest you get the October Mountain Remedy string silencer kit not just for its reduced noise and hand-shock benefit, but for the fact that this is made ideal for any type of recreation or hunting archery.


Archers can rely on X-factor for the type of string silencers that are made from a special rubber compound that will not dry rot and are guaranteed weatherproof and abrasion-resistant. X-factor has also made a name in giving a Lifetime Guarantee in its archery products, as well as creating the Xtreme Black End Cap w/ Light Dampener, which will serve as a compelling addition to its line of string silencers.