Thumb Trigger Releases wants this category to be your guide to the best thumb trigger releases that you can purchase from elite brands, such as: TruFire, TruBall, Carter, B3 Releases, HIT Outdoors, and Stanislawski.

Our criteria to decide what constitutes "best" include: durability, hook design, interchangeability of the finger extensions, trigger lengths, and patented technologies.


Since 1984 TruFire has been a stand-out because of its series of patented technologies in its thumb trigger releases, including the 360° head rotation, FoldBack™ design, TruCenter™ Technology and TruFire’s exclusive TrapTab™ buckle strap.

Other accuracy-increasing innovations for its releases include multiple position trigger adjustments; ambidextrous fit; the most convenient wrist strap systems; and a wide selection of caliper, open, closed or single jaw release aids.

We suggest you get the TruFire Synapse Release if you're looking for a reliable index finger release that comes with a wealth of features, such as precision milled internal components; an adjustable trigger travel; an adjustable trigger pressure; a weighted brass handle; aluminum anodized cover and components; and a multi position thumb peg and cord loop.


Stanislawski®'s strengths in thumb trigger releases start with its patented Trainer Lock Pin, along with its MPT2 Technology that offers an infinite number of knob, tilt, angle and projection adjustments to fit any position the archer desires. It also created the patent pending Trainer Lock™ technology that offers a threaded hole in the handle to store its training pin.

Other features that STAN® is known for include: crisp, comfortable construction; searing mechanisms made from enhanced, hardened 44OC stainless steel then finished with proprietary polishing process; ErgoFIT™ cross training technology that's standard across all STAN® release aids; premium fit, finish and function; multiple size configurations and the guarantee that all STAN® release aids are made in the USA.

We suggest you get the Stan PerfeX-Long Neck Thumb Release for its no-look open hook design, interchangeable 3 or 4 finger extensions and an integrated lanyard boos that offers a 35 degree range of motion. If you're looking for articulating finger extensions that have a 35 degree range of motion and infinite adjustability in the knobs, you're going to love this.

TRU Ball

Tru Ball is a brand known today for giving archers a brass thumb activated button release that comes with a unique three-stage tension adjustment system, so all archers can be accommodated with their specific feel in the trigger weight.

The simple locking travel adjustment screw with TRU Ball's thumb trigger releases allow archers to set the travel to their preference quickly and easily.