Ravin R15 Crossbow Review

Ravin R15 Crossbow

Ravin R15 Crossbow Review


Description of the product

Only a few months after the impressive Ravin R9 Crossbow was launched on the market, Ravin Crossbows came out with the new version of the Ravin Predator. This fully assembled and pre-tuned crossbow was born and ready to devastate all hunting grounds with its blasting 425 FPS.

That being said, a Ravin R15 crossbow review is only necessary to compare the differences between the R9 and the R15 because it’s mainly the same crossbow at the exception of the limbs that are responsible for the extra 35 FPS. If you are a speed lover, this review will show you how they brought it to another level with the R15.

The R15 is extremely fast and encompasses all the newest crossbow technology of 2017 to increase speed and precision for its users. The new Helicoil technology, the frictionless flight system, the Trac-trigger fire system, and the fully versa-draw integrated cocking mechanism combine with its 6.9 pounds procure to the R15 crossbow a huge advantage on the competition for many reasons. Mainly because the technology used is always at its full potential. The R15 eliminates human mistakes like cocking unevenly the string or oscillation while aiming because of the trigger creep. More importantly, R15 is an excellent crossbow for disabled people or people with impaired motor abilities. The fact that it’s easy to cock or uncocked reduces a lot the risk of dry-firing and allows anybody from shorter frame shooters passing by disabled people to giant hunters. That makes a huge advantage among the newest crossbows.

2018 brought us two new models that took into consideration customers feedbacks. Ravin created the R20 crossbow package and their new flagship, the R20 Sniper crossbow package. They both deserve a few minutes of your time to have a look at them. A full review is available for the R20 Sniper package.


Ravin R15 Crossbow – Specs summary

Model Reviewed Cocking draw weight  Stroke Velocity / kinetic energy Suggested arrow length Crossbow uncocked / cocked Weight Cocking device Hunting Deer
Ravin R15 Crossbow 195 lbs 13” 425 fps / 160.5 ft.lbs Branded Ravin Arrows 10.5" / 6" 6.9 lbs Fully integrated Yes



  1. Unique design that delivers unmatched downrange accuracy,
  2. Fully assembled and pre-tuned,
  3. Ultra-compact design for tights hunting spaces like blind or stalking hunts - measures just 6" from axle to axle when cocked,
  4. HeliCoil technology - rifle-like downrange accuracy with perfectly balanced and level cams for superior speed and power. It Rotates on 340 degrees to use Cam's full potential,
  5. R15 Delivers 425 fps with 160.5 ft. lbs. of kinetic energy – Twice what you need for every hunting game,
  6. Versa-draw cocking system - safely cocks or un-cocks the crossbow with minimal efforts, merely 12 pounds,
  7. Aggressive Vented Design,
  8. Extreme speed gives you the flexibility to make arrows super efficient.


  1. Branded Arrows
  2. Pricey


    Specifics of the R15 crossbow package 


    The Ravin R15 crossbow package comes with the accessories you need to get out there and shoot. Furthermore, the R15 is fully assembled and pre-tuned when delivered so you can enjoy right away your new acquisition. Like the R9, the R15 has:

    • A specialized 100-Yard illuminated Ravin scope
    • Six Ravin bolts with exclusive Ravin nocks
    • Ravin quiver & mounting bracket
    • Versa-Draw cocking handle
    • Six practice field points (100 Grain)
    • Built-in sling mounts 

    The new technology delivers exactly the expected results toward downrange accuracy and even more with the R15. To know more about its technology, have a look at our Ravin R9 Crossbow Review which explains clearly what each feature brings to the Ravin Predator crossbow.

    Its technology has a huge impact on the velocity and the efficiency of the crossbow. However, not only the newest technology is responsible for its accuracy, the included items and features are worthy add-ons too. Let's see what the Ravin R15 Predator crossbow package offers;

    Ravin Illuminated 1.5x5x32mm Scope: The branded Ravin 100 yards illuminated scope included in the package is a good quality one. It has great optics and almost no need to adjust it when you receive the crossbow at home. Of course, if you want to sight-in for longer distances, you will have to make some adjustments. The Ravin Illuminated scope features are:

    • This 8.75-inch scope has a variable speed and arrow drops compensation setting for crossbows that shoot between 300 and 425 fps. 
    • It has nine dots calibrated for 20-100 yards with a wide field of view for a clear image. To calibrate properly the Ravin scope, the magnification adjustments offered by the scope allows you to change it from 1.5 to 5 times closer making possible the 100 yards calibration. 
    • It features a rheostat controlled, illuminated colored dots in red or green help you narrow in on your target.
    • Optic lenses are etched glass reticles and are fully multi-coated lenses that provide crystal-clear viewing. The lenses are 32 mm for maximum light capture to provide that crystal-clear viewing.
    • It features elevation and windage adjustment knob to correct your flight trajectory to sight-in your scope.
    • It comes with flip-up protective lens caps to keep your lenses safe and protected.
    • The Ravin scope is fog proof, weatherproof, shockproof, and recoil proof.

    Tip: If the scope is a little low, it can be raised easily. You may refer yourself on how to sight in a crossbow to complete the adjustments. A scope that offers as much calibration may require more tuning. Or watch this video made by Ravin Crossbows.

    Foregrip: It leaves you a steady feel and its safe for the fingers.

    Trac-Trigger Firing System: Lightweight trigger breaks cleanly at only 2 lbs releasing the string smoothly every shot. This trigger eliminates the trigger creep found in other models.

    Ravin Quick Detach Quiver/Mounting Bracket: Allows you to bring safely your arrows and the quick detach makes your life easier in a tree stand hunting situation.

    Frictionless Flight System: Bolts do not contact the rail during the shot, which eliminates friction and cam lean. The bolt is only touching the front riser wheels and the latch of the crossbow. This feature improves Power and Speed.

    Ravin Bolts: The 400 grains Ravin branded arrows included in their packages are the only flaw. You might have no problem at all or you might have fletching issues and then accuracy issues. The lack of using different brands of arrows should be revised. But like I mentioned you might have no problem at all.

    Suggested Broadheads: Proven broadheads for the R15 are the G5 Montec, Ramcats, and QAD Exodus and Slick Tricks for fixed blade broadheads. The Grim Reapers and Rage Hypodermics for the top two mechanicals and Swhackers to complete the mechanical broadheads.

    Nonetheless, like the R9, the sum of all these features contributes each in their way to maximize precision and efficiency. 


    Possible add-ons

    ravin soft crossbow case

    The Ravin soft crossbow case could be a good investment considering its price. Its specific design also eliminates other crossbow case brands which leave you with few choices for now. This crossbow case offers the necessary protection for your precious Predator R15 and allows bringing all extra items like knives, binoculars or luring materials.

    Binoculars or especially rangefinders are often forgotten when you are a newbie into crossbow hunting. The fact that this particular crossbow can shoot as far as 100 yards, knowing where your target stands is a really important aspect to calibrate your scope. To estimate distances, locate and identify become probably the most important things after luring your target. Of course, knowing how to shoot is crucial too.

    A target should be also on the top of your list if you do not have one already. Many Targets are available on the market. The only element important before buying one is to check if it can support crossbow shooting velocity.

    Accuracy and Velocity

    Kinetic Energy: 

    The KE suggested to hunt the most popular games in North America, including elk, wild boar, and black bear is 65 feet per pound and under. Given that requirement, you can notice that the available kinetic energy of the Ravin R15 crossbow of 160.5 ft-lbs is more than twice what you need to gather just about anything you have in mind from your hunting ground. You can use our calculator and chart if you need Kinetic Energy & Momentum Calculator.

    What is actually responsible for the extra 35 FPS and also the extra $500, it's the latest limb deflection technology. Deflection is just a measurement of how much a limb bends under a certain load. In the case of the R15, they modify the deflection (slightly stiffer) into their limbs then combine with the Helicoil technology, it produced a faster crossbow at a similar draw weight. Unfortunately, it is a complicated formula to explain how they modify the deflection but still, this is the main result of that change. 

    Accuracy and distance: 

    It feels like shooting a sniper rifle at some point with the thrill of handling a crossbow instead. Like snipers, you have to consider the wind factor at 100 yards. It's a unique feeling and really satisfying to achieve good groupings as far as 100 yards. To help you increase your precision, you might want to consider the Ravin Tac Head BiPod. This device will eliminate oscillation from nervous shooting while blind hunt or shooting at longer distances.

    The Ravin R15 crossbow owes his downrange accuracy to its impressive new technology and its impressive velocity. How many crossbows are able to shoot at 100 yards and keep a fair amount of velocity and kinetic energy at that distance? The fact is, in good conditions, good groupings are achievable with the R15 even at 100 yards.

    The Ravin illuminated scope does deliver the expected precision from such a high-end scope. However, asking yourself if it’s necessary to be able to shoot as far as 100 yards is a fair question. I would simply answer that this feature allows you to increase your hunting success by being sure that distance won't be an issue while hunting because ultimately you want to keep as much power as possible by not being too far off. But The R15 extends the concept of not being too far off with its velocity.

    Tip#1: As this crossbow develops a lot of velocities I would recommend you to hold this crossbow loosely as much as possible because it reacts a lot to over gripping while aiming. The thrill created by aiming an animal might cause unexpected movements. To get the maximum of precision out of the Ravin R15, it's better to relax your grip. Extreme velocities enhance the tiny lack of precision. 2-3 millimeters deviation at launched might be 6 inches deviation at 60 yards, especially is your bolts are not tuned.

    Tip#2: Being an extremely fast crossbow, It is suggested to move the weight of your bolts as far ahead as possible. Moving the front of center (FOC) of your bolts will increase its penetration but also stabilized its flight. Increasing your FOC combined with a heavier bolt should result in a better accuracy a shorter and longer distances with the R15.

    Tip#3: Tuning your bolts to make them perfectly similar to each other and to align the blades with the vanes should be the final element to assure you maximum precision from your crossbow.

    Recommendation: Using broadheads might have an impact on your precision due to the fact that some broadheads have an extremely large surface area or other design characteristics that do not fly well. If the broadheads have too much surface area or a very large cutting diameter, they will catch air in flight and may move off target. To get rid of the problem, I would suggest you tune your bolt by aligning the blades with the vanes.

    Ravin recommends you use fixed-blade broadheads with a maximum diameter of 1 5/8”.  They also specify to use only mechanical broadheads that can sustain extreme velocities. The result of a premature blade opening can deflect the arrow in an unintended direction and damage the Ravin Crossbow.

    Warning: Do not shoot anything under 400-grain bolts (total weight) or whatever the recommendation of the manufacturer is. Shooting bolts that are too light may have a similar result to a dry fire which can damage your crossbow, void the warranty and more importantly harm yourself.

    The impression of the crossbow


    It has a Rifle like design with Predator camouflage and an aggressively vented look with a really narrow riser. It's a well-designed crossbow for speed lovers.

    If you are looking for the serial number of the crossbow, it is located on the inside of the rail.


    It's a very safe crossbow. The extended safety wings over the foregrip prevent you from sticking your fingers above the flight deck. The grip itself is great and allows you to put your fingers through it when holding the crossbow to shoot it, avoiding further risk of sticking your fingers somewhere they don't belong. The Trac trigger comes with a really efficient automatic safety with Anti-Dry Fire to help you stay focus on the real things; ready, aim, kill!

    Tip: Really important to hear that dull click sound when you insert the bolt inside to avoid any dry-firing. This also means that the bolt is perfectly seated in the flight track and ready to be launched.


    It’s lightweight at only 6.9 pounds with all its features. This crossbow has a pretty standard length with about 34 inches but has the narrowest cocked distance with only 6", This design makes this crossbow pretty easy to handle and an excellent crossbow for blind, treestand or stalk hunts. The built-in sling mounts allow you to install a nice sling to carry easily the R15 in any environment.


    How hard is the R15 to cock?

    The fully integrated cocking mechanism provided by the Versa-Draw cocking system makes cocking the Ravin R15 also almost effortless. The built-in cocking device comes with a removable handle and brings it as low as 12 lbs to crank the serving into a cocking position for the R15. The extra 2 pounds are the result of stiffer limbs.  It is an ambidextrous system and allows you to safely cock or un-cock the crossbow. I consider that feature a huge advantage for any hunters but especially for disabled people or people with impaired motor ability.


    Hunting situations

    The R15 is highly effective on many types of games with great downrange accuracy. As stated above, this crossbow would be able to take down any target as far as 100 yards. 

    This model is quiet despite its velocity and would be a deadly weapon for blind or stalk hunts. The kinetic energy delivered by the R15 is literally twice what you really need to hunt the toughest game in North America.

    The Predator camo suits perfectly the hunting purpose. 

    The only flaw from the Versa-Draw cocking system is the noise produced when cocking but you can lift the cocking lever at the rear of the crossbow to cut the clicking. However, in a hunting situation, you shouldn’t cock while your target is approaching, this should have been done before. It’s also less fast to re-cock the crossbow but only one shot is necessary to take down your target.



    The more cautious you are the longer your crossbow will last. This is nothing new but with newer crossbow generations it became even truer. 

    Ravin recommends changing strings and cables about every two years or 200 shots, whichever occurs first. Remember that the velocity of this crossbow puts a lot of pressure on the string and cables, so keep that in mind if you purchase an R15. You might want to purchase a spare string or cables.

    New Ravin Crossbows are covered under a five-year limited warranty. I invite you to know more about their warranty.

    Tip: Most of the modern crossbows need the string to be waxed to avoid wearing out too quickly. The velocities generated by the modern crossbows ask more maintenance toward the string and the rail. Lubewax is then a good investment. Proper maintenance would need proper tuning tools too.



    The Ravin R15 is really for those who want to impress their friends with all its impressive specs. But it is also made for disabled people who still want to be part of the crossbow hunting world or simply in the crossbow shooting world. We can argue about the price tag and complain about it. In that case, I would suggest you stay with the Ravin R9 Crossbow package which will suit all your needs at a lower price.

    With that being said, you got everything in hand with the Ravin R15 crossbow review to wrap your mind around it and go for whatever you feel like shooting with but you can't go wrong with this one for sure.

    You might be curious about who is offering the best price and you want to Compare Prices

    Thank you for reading to us!


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