The Ravin R20 Sniper Crossbow Package Review

The Ravin R20 Sniper Crossbow Package Review


Ravin R20 Sniper Crossbow

Description of the product

Ravin launched for 2018 the R10, R20 and the R20 Sniper package which will be the main subject here. All fully assembled and pre-tuned to hit the practice field or hunting grounds. All those models offer various speed which will clearly satisfy speed lovers but they didn't sacrifice accuracy over speed which is part of the three ingredients for success in shooting well, Momentum (power), speed and accuracy.

That being said, the R20 Sniper encompasses all Ravin proven technology to deliver an impressive up to 430 FPS. This kind of velocity properly paired with heavier bolts is simply devastating power. Enough to remind you to put a backstop to your target and make sure you have a target that supports that kind of velocity. Otherwise, say goodbye to your fletching. 

The R20 Sniper has more precisely the Helicoil technology, the frictionless flight system, the Trac-trigger fire system, and the fully versa-draw integrated cocking mechanism. To know more about the technology if you aren't familiar, have a look om previous articles on Ravin patented technology.

If you are into Speed, the R20 is perfect but if you are into speed and accuracy, the Package offered with the R20 Sniper is what differentiates this crossbow from others. They improved all features to make sure that everything you use on the R20 will always be used at its full potential.

One huge advantage of Ravin products is that they are eliminating human mistakes. Like I said before about the R15, Ravin technology reduces to a minimum cocking unevenly the string or oscillation while aiming due to possible trigger creep. Every aspect was thought through to give the best experience no matter what shooter level you are.

More importantly, the R20 Sniper still an excellent crossbow for disabled people or people with impaired motor ability. The fact that it’s easy to cock or uncocked reduces a lot the risk of dry-firing and allows anybody from shorter frame shooters passing by disabled people to giant hunters. Even in 2018 will all competitors adjusting to Ravin new built, it still makes a huge advantage among the newest crossbows.


Ravin R20 Crossbow – Specs summary

Model Reviewed Cocking draw force weight  Stroke Velocity / kinetic energy Suggested arrow length Crossbow uncocked / cocked Weight Cocking device Hunting Deer
Ravin R20 Sniper Crossbow 12 lbs 13” 430 fps / 164 ft.lbs Branded Ravin Arrows 10.5" / 6" 7.1 lbs Fully integrated Yes



  1. Unique design that delivers unmatched downrange accuracy with a new level riser,
  2. Fully assembled and pre-tuned,
  3. Ultra-compact design for tights hunting spaces like ground blind or stalking hunts - 6" from axle to axle when cocked,
  4. HeliCoil technology - rifle-like downrange accuracy with perfectly balanced and level cams for superior speed and power. It Rotates on 340 degrees to use Cams full potential,
  5. R20 Delivers 430 fps with 164 ft. lbs. of kinetic energy – Twice what you need for every hunting game,
  6. New Safety mechanism to ease its use,
  7. Versa-draw cocking system - safely cocks or un-cocks the crossbow with minimal efforts, merely 12 pounds,
  8. Aggressive Vented Design,
  9. Extreme speed gives you the flexibility to make arrows super efficient.


  1. Branded Arrows
  2. Pricey


    Specifics of the R20 Sniper crossbow package 


    The package is fully assembled and pre-tuned for 20 to 100 yards. If you want to sight-in 20 to 200 yards which is possible, you will have to make some homework and a few adjustments. Once made, shooting at 200 yards with a crossbow is a unique feel.

    The R20 Sniper package offers everything to enhance your experience and shoot consistently. 

    • Tactical 8×24 Vortex Strike Eagle Scope
    • 6 – Ravin Branded .001 Premium Arrows and Ravin Nocks
    • 1 – Removable Cocking Handle
    • 1 – Ravin Quiver/Mounting Bracket
    • 6 – 100 Grain Practice Field Points
    • Built-In Cocking Mechanism
    • Anti-Dry Fire/Auto Safety
    • Built-in Sling Mounts
    • Jack Plate Adjustable Elevation Mount
    • Riser Level

    Its patented technology has a huge impact on its speed and its efficiency, however, the technology is not alone responsible for its accuracy. The package features items that are worthy add-ons too. Let's see what the Ravin R20 Sniper crossbow package offers;

    High-Quality Tactical 1-8×24 Vortex Strike Eagle Scope:
    • The Strike Eagle 1-8x24 is defined by versatility and power. A true one power provides quick target acquisition in close quarter scenarios or adjusts to eight power when you need to engage targets at a distance
    • High quality, fully multi-coated lenses deliver a clear, crisp sight picture and optimal low light performance.
    • The illuminated, glass-etched BDC reticle features 11 illumination settings to accommodate for changing light conditions which provide the user with quick target acquisition across all magnifications. This is what ensures you enjoy a high accuracy shot execution.
    • An extra battery can be stored in the windage cap and easily released 
    • Ample 3.5 inches eye relief puts in an optimal shooting position and the fast focus dial on the eyepiece ensures that your reticle is always sharp
    • It's nitrogen purged and O-ring sealed the for water and fog proof performance. The one-piece 30mm tube is shockproof shrugging off recoil and other impacts and is 10 inches total length

    This scope does well in different situations including hunting, tactical shooting, or even shooting for fun.

    Tip: A scope that offers as much calibration may require more tuning. You may want to Ravin Crossbows for further instructions.


    The ergonomically shaped pistol grip with finger grooves and texturing leaves you a steady, balanced feel and its safe for the fingers. Let's say that your fingers find easily their natural position when holding the x-bow. 

    Trac-Trigger Firing System

    Lightweight skeletonized, single-stage, anodized aluminum trigger breaks cleanly at only 2.9 lbs. The design retracts the string in a repeatable, uniform manner, providing straight-line nock travel. In other words, the Trac-trigger eliminates the margin of error while cocking for maximum precision. The system also features a bilateral, two-position, paddle-style safety and anti-dry-fire system.

    Quiver/Mounting Bracket:

    Allows you to install easily the Ravin quiver and store safely your bolts while aiming or moving.

    Frictionless Flight System:

    Bolts do not contact the rail during the shot, which eliminates friction and cam lean. The bolt is only touching the front riser wheels and the latch of the crossbow. This feature improves Power and Speed.

    Ravin Bolts:

    The 400 grains with field tips Ravin branded arrows included in their packages are the only flaw. You might have no problem at all or you might have fletching or grain-match issues and then accuracy issues. The lack of using different brands of arrows should be revised. But like I mentioned you might have no problem at all. The fact that the warranty might be void if you are using different brands isn't the best. There is something to consider here for Ravin.

    Suggested Broadheads:

    Proven broadheads for the R20 Sniper are the G5 Montec, Ramcats, and QAD Exodus and Slick Tricks for fixed blade broadheads. The Grim Reapers and Rage Hypodermics for the top two mechanicals and Swhackers to complete the mechanical broadheads. These broadheads proved themselves to sustain higher velocity and deliver great results.

    The sum of all these features contributes each in their way to maximize precision and efficiency on the R20 Sniper crossbow package. 


    Possible add-ons

    The Ravin R20 Sniper Crossbow Package Review

    The Ravin hard case or the soft case could be a good investment considering its price. Its specific design also eliminates other crossbow case brands which leave you with few choices for now. All Ravin cases offer the necessary protection for your precious purchase and allow bringing all extra items like knives, binoculars or luring materials.

    Binoculars and especially rangefinders are often forgotten when you are a newbie into crossbow hunting. The fact that this particular crossbow can shoot as far as 200 yards, knowing where your target stands is a really important aspect to calibrate your scope. To estimate distances, locate and identify become probably the most important things after luring your target. Of course, knowing how to shoot is crucial too because you still need to shoot into the target or the vitals if you are hunting. These two pieces of equipment are really handy to any level shooters.

    Furthermore, a solid target should be also on the top of your list if you do not have one already. Many Targets are available on the market. The only element important before buying one is to check if it can support crossbow shooting velocity. Many targets won't stop the arrow resulting in damaging the fletching and then your precision.


    Accuracy and Velocity

    Kinetic Energy: 

    The KE stands the rifle-like design. Set with the Ravin bolts, the R20 generates about 164 ft-lbs of energy with a constant 428 FPS. Real close to the expected 430 FPS. There is no question here about what you can takedown concerning games. All of them, no exception. 

    They stabilized the limbs deflection to ensure a more constant shooting. It means that the velocity and your groupings shouldn't variate as much. Paired with the Helicoil cams, the bow is always at its full potential. 

    Accuracy and distance: 

    It feels more like shooting an AR-15 rifle at some point with the thrill of handling a crossbow instead. Shooting at further distances creates new challenges. You have to consider wind factor at 200 yards. To achieve tight grouping at 200 yards is really satisfying.

    To help you increase your precision, you might want to consider the Ravin Tac Head BiPod. This device will eliminate oscillation from nervous shooting while blind hunt or shooting at longer distances.

    The Vortex 1-8x24 gives a great hand to achieve good result over 100 yards. The package really gives all the necessary adjustments to enhance your precision. The ultimate goal is to keep as much velocity and KE as possible for maximum downrange accuracy. The R20 Sniper gives you that.

    Like the R15, I would give you the same Tips.

    Tip#1: As this crossbow develops a lot of velocities I would recommend you to hold this crossbow loosely as much as possible because it reacts a lot to over gripping while aiming. The thrill created by aiming an animal might cause unexpected movements. To get the maximum of precision out of the Ravin R20, it's better to relax your grip. Extreme velocities enhance the tiny lack of precision. 2-3 millimeters deviation at launched might be 6 inches deviation at 60 yards, especially is your bolts are not tuned.

    Tip#2: Being an extremely fast crossbow, It is suggested to move the weight of your Ravin bolts as far ahead as possible. Moving the front of center (FOC) of your Ravin bolts will increase its penetration but also stabilized its flight. Increasing your FOC combined with a heavier bolt should result in a better accuracy at shorter and longer distances with the R20.

    Tip#3: Tuning your Ravin bolts to make them perfectly similar to each other (match-grain if possible) and to align the blades with the vanes should be the final element to assure you maximum precision from your crossbow.

    Recommendation: Using broadheads might have an impact on your precision due to the fact that some broadheads have an extremely large surface area or other design characteristics that do not fly well. If the broadheads have too much surface area or a very large cutting diameter, they will catch air in flight and may move off target. To get rid of the problem, I would suggest you tune your bolt by aligning the blades with the vanes.

    Ravin recommends you use fixed-blade broadheads with a maximum diameter of 1 5/8”.  They also specify to use only mechanical broadheads that can sustain extreme velocities. The result of premature blade opening can deflect the arrow in an unintended direction and damage the Ravin Crossbow.


    The impression of the crossbow


    Super aggressive vented design leaving no doubt in your mind that this crossbow is dangerous. Butt plate and cheek rest are perfectly integrated into the stock. It is really a crossbow that you like to look at. The camouflage suit to the perfection the crossbow and its overall balance is perfect when shouldered.


    Safety isn't an issue. All Ravin have extended safety wings over the foregrip to prevent you from sticking your fingers above the flight deck. The grip itself is great and the Trac trigger comes with a really efficient automatic safety with Anti-Dry Fire to help you stay focus on the real things; ready, aim, kill!

    Tip: Really important to hear that dull click sound when you insert the bolt inside to avoid any dry-firing. This also means that the bolt is perfectly seated in the flight track and ready to be launched.


    It’s lightweight at only 7.1 pounds. This crossbow has pretty standard length with about 34 inches but has the narrowest cocked distance with only 6", This design makes this crossbow pretty easy to handle and an excellent crossbow for blind, treestand or stalk hunts. 


    How hard is the R20 to cock?

    The Versa-Draw cocking system didn't change in 2018. It still makes cocking the Ravin crossbows almost effortless. The built-in cocking device comes with a removable handle and brings it as low as 12 lbs to crank the serving into a cocking position. It is an ambidextrous system and allows you to safely cock or un-cock the crossbow. 


    Hunting situations

    Increased downrange accuracy means more efficiency while aiming then more hunting success. As stated above, this crossbow would be able to take down any target as far as 150 yards. 

    This model is quiet despite its velocity and would be a deadly weapon for blind or stalk hunts and certainly tree stands. The kinetic energy delivered by the R20 is literally twice what you really need to hunt the toughest game in North America.

    The only flaw while hunting comes from the Versa-Draw cocking system. The noise produced when cocking could easily spook your target but you can lift the cocking lever at the rear of the crossbow to cut the clicking. However, in a hunting situation, you shouldn’t cock while your target is approaching, this should have been done before. It’s also less fast to re-cock the crossbow but only one shot is necessary to take down your target if aimed properly.



    Ravin recommends changing strings and cables about every two years or 200 shots, whichever occurs first. Remember that the velocity of this crossbow put a lot of pressure on the string and cables, so keep that in mind if your purchase an R20. You might want to purchase a spare string or cables. When you buy a Ravin, be aware that you will need a Ravin bow press. Make sure that your closest bow shop as one to help you repair if anything happens.



    The R20 Sniper package is fully loaded and will clearly satisfy its buyer. Surprisingly user-friendly for such a powerful crossbow. Like its predecessors, if this model is too pricey, you can also find a less expensive version in the R10 which according to me has nothing to envy from the R20.

    With that being said, you got everything in hand with the Ravin R20 Sniper crossbow review to wrap your mind around it and go for whatever you feel like shooting with but you can't go wrong with this one for sure.

    Thank you for reading us! Do not hesitate to comment or ask questions, we do value all your interactions.

    Have a Nice Hunt!

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