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Drop Away Rests

The aim of in this category is to present you all the best options today in finding the right drop away rests suited for your skill level as an archer or enthusiast. Brands we feature here include: 30-06, AAE, Apex, Hamskea, Vapor Trail, TruGlo and Trophy Taker.

As a guarantee that we analyzed all the relevant attributes that apply to your skill level, we made sure to include these factors in selecting which models and brands to feature: brand quality and reputation, availability of parts, compatibility issues, ergonomic design, increased accuracy features and even thumb lever design.


30-06 Outdoors has been leading in the competition since it was formed in 2007 by offering the most comprehensive catalog of brands and products in the Sporting Goods industry. We highly recommend their 30-06 PinPoint Rest Drop Away LH if you're a beginner archer needing to still hone your accuracy per hit score. Lightweight and compact, this easy-to-install arrow rest also comes with rubber dampeners that can let you hunt in stealth.


TruGlo's importance today in the market is in how it went just beyond selling archery equipment gear, and more towards making sure people experience the outdoors at its finest. From sights, rests, fiber pins to quivers and peeps, TruGlo has robust solutions, and one of them we recommend is the TruGlo Lock-Fire Micro Rest. We think this to be especially perfect for advanced archers looking for an ergonomic thumb lever and a delayed drop actuation in their drop away rests.


AAE or Arizona Archery Enterprises is the brand of choice for advanced level archers who are following the progression of archery products in ways that exceed their expectations. The stand-out drop away rest they have right now that we highly recommend to beginner archers is the AAE DOA Full Capture Rest. It's top-notch engineering comes with tight tolerances for durability and accuracy as well as a unique fall-away arm that stays stable during a draw, dropping away about 3/4 of the way right through the shot.

Trophy Taker

Trophy Taker retains its prominence by being a brand known in the world for their easy-to-install and silent arrows made extra heavy-duty for hardcore hunters. One of these remarkable creations is their Trophy Taker XTremeFC Pro Rest Realtree Xtra RH, which we recommend to advanced archers looking for multiple silencing solutions. Its 100% metal construction is an added bonus to make your hunting gear last the longest time. goes out of their way to make sure that the attributes and claims made by the brands, such as the metal construction, containment rings and rubber overmolding,