Scent Elimination

We here at Hunting-bow would like this category to be the go-to source for all archers who want the correct kind of scent elimination system sold by such esteemed brands as: Atsko, Bone View, Buck Baits, Buck Fever and Code Blue.

Our criteria for judging which brands must require a feature include: brand reputation, adsorbers type, ability to soak odor, storage capacity, and ability to increase pH for odor adjustment.


We trust in Atsko for equipping archers with the proper heavy-duty scent elimination system that's made of a premium concoction of adsorbers. If you're looking for scent elimination that works both for wet and dry areas, then the 8 oz. Atsko N-O-Dor II Powder should be in your consideration.

Other features to enjoy from Atsko's innovations include: ability to increase pH to slow the creation of new odor; inclusion of Abscents crystals which soak up every trace of odor into permanent storage; easily washable scents; has a residue-free detergent that's safe for all washable fabrics and powerful enough to remove odors and stains; ability to restore waterproofing and breathability of sportswear fabrics; and absence of any UV brighteners in the detergents.

If you now trust Atsko as much as we do, try the Atsko Sport-Wash Laundry Detergent, which comes in 1 Liter residue-free detergent quality that's safe for all types of washable fabrics.

Buck Baits

Buck Baits is one brand we believe to be trustworthy in providing archers with cover scents in their clothing so that they can blend in with scrapes and active bait sites. The brand's "Earth" cover scent, for example, can mask your human odor when walking into your stand, sitting in your blind, as well as allowing you to mask and blend in with the existing environment.

Bone View

You can trust Bone View to give you scent eliminators that are made with patented "BoneView Electronic Scent Elimination Tech" that removes all odors from your hunting clothing and gear, without the hassle of scent killer sprays, cover scents, and laundry soaps.

Bone View's other innovations include: scent cover for blending well in various terrains; ability to produce the proper level of Ozone to kill and remove odor causing particles like bacteria, sweat, human odors, oils, VOCs and smoke; and virus eliminator designed to be confined in inside gear bags and totes where it can effectively remove scent, without harming your health.