Target Sights & Scopes

We at find pleasure in presenting in this category the top-notch target sights and scopes in the industry from today's most competitive brands, including: 30-06, AAE, Axcel, Angel Archery, Sword, Viper and many more stellar brands.

To avoid giving you redundant information that doesn't help you make an informed decision on what to buy, we may include these factors in selecting which brands to feature: availability, price point, durability, aluminum body material, aperture quality, vertical pin component, elevation, and mounting system.


30-06 is one of the biggest brands in the market that people trust for creating dovetail sights that can be adjusted according to various pin head dimensions and target applications. What we can recommend to both right-handed and left-handed beginners and expert hunters alike is the 30-06 Longitude Sight .019.

We like this one for its dovetail sight that already includes both 1 pin and 3 pin heads. If you want an exclusive drive shaft system that can allow for elevation adjustment to suit the archer's unique height, this one is the go-to option.


Viper may have people's respect as a brand for how it always prioritizes the body material of its sights and scopes. One of the brands they create that we can recommend is the Viper Target Scope 1 3/4 in. .010 Green 4X Lens. We like this one for its machined scope quality that's made possible from its high-grade aircraft aluminum material.

If you're worried about fiber protection issues, this one comes with a stainless up-pin that does the job of protection way smoother than anything else out there. The added 4X lens you get with this one gives more value for money, especially for beginner archers on a budget.


Many archers may support Sword as a brand for the way it masters the construction of solid, military-grade aluminum in the body of its target sights and scopes. One patented creation they have that's worth the special mention is the Sword Trident II Competition Sight 1 Pin .019, which we highly recommend to right-handed archers looking for 100% CNC T6061 aluminum quality in their sight. also goes out of its way to verify the claims made by the brands featured in this category, including claims about adjustable windage and the sights' micro adjustable