We here at Hunting-Bow want to give you in this category all of the best options to consider when looking for vanes sold by such brands as: AAE, Vanetec, TAC Vanes, and C'Mere Deer.

Some factors we considered to make our selection include: brand reputation, wide catalog of choices, accuracy enhancements, stiffness and drag reduction.


AAE is a strong competitor among vane makers because of its edge in constructing their vanes with a unique material that has a better memory than any other item out there. You can rely on AAE as a creator of textured surface in its vanes that can help archers steer their arrows more efficiently, improving speed.

Other vane features and benefits to experience from AAE include: vanes with a concave base that has an applied activator to improve adhesion and arrow assembly; textured surface that improves memory; shield cuts and thinner sections that keep the vane light; thicker section for added stiffness and durability; adhesion improvements; and vanes with a wide base coated with activators.

If you're an intermediate archer training for mastery of trad vanes, the bright green AAE Trad Vanes will give you high-performance vanes that can withstand inclement weather. These are made special because they will require zero maintenance or prep of your arrows, resulting in longer and more successful hunts in the field.

AAE's innovation also enables you to shoot off the shelf while maintaining the same flight characteristics and impact point you are accustomed to with feathers. Archers may also remember that AAE is the proprietary owner of the "Lick and Stick" Plastifletch material for easy, quick fletching. It's a bonus for archers that AAE makes sure its vanes need no prep and already comes with a factory-applied activator.

C' Mere Deer

C' Mere Deer tries to excel in the competition by delivering driver vanes designed to promote spin for increased accuracy with optimum stiffness that reduces drag and maintains greater speed and velocity at longer distances.

If you're transitioning to pro level, you might want to explore the TAC Vanes Driver 225, which comes in 2.25 in./100 pk. package. Its consistent material shape memory and silent, in-flight sound makes this vane a great choice for both target shooting and hunting.

TAC Vanes

The TAC Vanes brand excels in creating vanes that have a mid-profile design, which is ideal for clearance, optimum stiffness for reduced drag and maintained downrange speed, unmatched silent flight for hunting and excellent memory for consistency.