Small Game Heads continues to serve you by creating in this category a rigorously calculated list of the brands that manufacture top quality small game heads, including: Three Rivers, Bateman, Cold Steel, Dead Ringer and Ramcat.

We made sure to include these factors in our criteria of selection to make our claims legitimate: price point, penetration power, shaft design, weight, brand reputation and patented technology.

Three Rivers

Three Rivers is a brand to follow for its reputation over many years as the world's manufacturer of the best traditional bows and small game heads. One of these trustworthy products is the 3Rivers Bunny Busters, which you can get in this category in 11/32 in. at 120 gr. and 3 pk. We recommend this for archery pros who want versatility in using the heads both for tapered and non-tapered shafts.


Archery experts go to Bateman as a brand because of its reputation as a creator of some of the world's most amazing quality leather archery goods. One of their creations we recommend is the Bateman Adder Points at 5 per pk. This is for both beginners and pros who want additional shocking power necessary to knock down turkeys and other small game. An added bonus is that this can be used both with either a filed point or a broadhead.

Cold Steel

The reputation right now of Cold Steel as a signature brand is in creating powerful gear for both younger hunters and experts, but minus the cost that may go as high as 15x more. One example of such quality but affordable equipment that we feature in this category is the Cold Steel Cheap Shot Broadhead.

Made from space-age polymer developed by military-level engineers as steel substitute, this one's for the archers who want the longest-lasting broadhead they can carry around that's impervious to the elements.

Dead Ringer

Dead Ringer is famous today for their eclectic branding/labelling of their products, but their archery gear is also a force to reckon. One example of that which we recommend here is the Dead Ringer Jiujitsu Points. Made ideally for beginners, this small game head features a spider leg design that assists the shooter in preventing arrow loss in grass. Perfect for training.

There are still many more brands currently and soon will be featured in this category. Feel free to explore them all and compare to see which heads can elevate your small game