Turkey Calls

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We here at Hunting-bow.com want this category to be the repository of all relevant information that archers need when looking for the best turkey calls sold by leading brands, including: Buck Baits, Cody, Flextone, Zink, Knight and Hale, and MAD.

Our criteria to make our selection include: brand recognition, pitch quality, durability, lifelike realism, portability and sound variation.

Buck Baits

The brand stands out because of its ability to create turkey calls that are designed with a glass soundboard which offers smooth full range of tones in your hand. Buck Baits enables archers to use a peg of the striker to create Jake and Hen turkey sounds, with higher yelps, cuts, and clucks on the outer edges and lower, deeper tones towards the middle of the slate.

If you're aiming for the most realism of sounds you can reach, go for the Buck Baits Pot Call Slate with Two Tone Striker, which is made ideal for both beginners and professional archers. An added value with Buck Baits is that you get an added abrasive pad to keep slate surface at the most optimum calling condition in each turkey call you purchase.

Another impressive thing about Buck Baits is that it's innovated the DEER CAMP® series of products, such as the The Cabin™ and The EDGE™ innovations which push you to maximize your turkey calls.


You can trust Woodhaven as the brand that can give you turkey calls made with a higher pitched call than what other brands offer. Particularly, the WoodHaven Real Hen Turkey Call Cherry has innovated a one piece cherry trough style box with a matched Brazilian cherry lid. The cherry Real Hen sends out the most realistic two tone raspy yelps, which are the great calls for clucks, cutts, and cackles.

Woodhaven is made famous, too, for its wide-catalog of signature turkey call innovations, such as the The Anodized Ninja 2018, The Mahogany Crystal NEW 2020 and the The Legend Glass. Other turkey call features pushed by the brand include: a 2.5 reed call type; ghost cut feature for easier kee-kee runs for great hen sound; an adhesive lined locking frame in the calls; and a mechanism that keeps the calls dry and safe.

Lynch Mob Calls

Lynch Mob Calls creates a 20-layer-per-inch, laminated material for its turkey calls, preventing them to absorb moisture. It's a general practice, too, that the calling surface of the brand's calls are machined to a .001” tolerance to eliminate any dead spots on the calling surface.